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I've just started a new job, its a fantastic opportunity at which I am determined to do well at. I know I am very capable of succeeding if I can focus and put my mind to it, however there are a few small aspects of the job which are a real challenge to me and are holding me back. I suppose I've got it in my mind that I do not like doing one small aspect, and so although I should be doing it a little each day, instead of just getting in with it and going it, I postpone it and it wreck my head all day that I have to do it but just don't want to. Most other people have no problem at all. I know I sholdn't either, it not that big a deal.

I herad about Occupational Hypnotherapy and wanted to know does anyone here know much about it. People use it to relieve stress, improve performance and 'reprogram their mind'. I thought it might be wrth a try. If hypnotherapy can help people stop smoking and help with fears of flying etc, then maybe it can help me get my head around the challenge I have.

If anyone has any info or comments I'd appreciae it.

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Everybody is different. Hypnotherapy works for some and not for others. It's not a cure all. Sometimes just getting organised, and then offering yourself a little reward after you do the thing you keep putting off works for some.

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Hi, never heard of occupational hypnotherapy, so can't comment specifically on that, however, it sounds like you may be talking about NLP. I would just suggest a bit of caution around who you go to. Whilst I am sure there are some exteremely qualified hypnotherapists out there, most of the training offered is at Diplomal level here, and a series of weekend courses gets you qualified in NLP. Whilst I'm sure there are geniune people out there doing this type of work, if I'm allowing someone to do something that may effect my subjectivity, I want to know that they are both qualified and experienced, not just passing the basic levl for accreditation. With saying that best of look with it.

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As I'm rather experienced in these areas, you're welcome to PM me with more exact details of how you wish to change / the nature of your job specific challenge, and I'll give you some useful advice.

Zascar Moderator

I've been doing quite a bit of reasearch on this lately and I have been in contact with 3 or 4 people who I think might be able to help me, however all of them seem to be so busy they won't return my calls!

Perhaps I'm in the wrong line of business...

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