kluivert Registered User

I went to the gym with a friend on Sunday morning to lifts and check out the gym.

Please note that I dont lift weights. But gave it a go lifting small weights while my friend lifted heavier ones. The workout was for the shoulders.

The last two i have pains in my upper arm and find it hard to move my arms up or backwards.

Is this one for the doc's or will this go away.

Smellyirishman Registered User

Sharp attacking pain that causes you to retract your movement? Or tough/tight/tired/I need to stretch my muscles type pain?

jester77 Registered User

That would be the DOMS (Dellayed Onset Muscle Soreness), welcome to the world of lifting weights

It will go away in a few days, DOMS are usually worse 2 days after training. Once your body gets used to lifting weights they won't be so bad!

kluivert Registered User

Its a tightness pain, need to stretch but to sore to do so, therefore try to move as little as possible.

My mate said he was like that as well, but it goes away when your body gets use to training.

I just wanted to check, been like this two days now.

Doing the one where you sit on a chair and lift the bar up and down. Then using a free weight, push arm outwards using your shoudler so your hand is the same height as your shoudler, then using a machine, grip the handle from behind you and pull upwards and outwards till your hand is above your head.

Fecking sore thats all.

ronbyrne2005 Registered User

that means its working.

Smellyirishman Registered User

Yeah, sounds like perfectly normal DOMS, enjoy them while they last .

BossArky Moderator

Classic thread

kluivert Registered User

Ok i guess you lads have felt the pain too.


Its not too bad today but am not going back to the gym till this goes away. Its better today than yesterday, should be able to get back into the gym by the weekend at this rate.

jester77 Registered User

Did you stretch afterwards? If not get your instructor to show you the stretches for whichever exercise you did. You won't feel as bad then.

J.S. Pill Registered User

Quick question:

I've been doing romanian deadlifts for a few months now. Great exercise and you really feel it - a little too much. After leg day I have 'pain' in my quads for about 2 days but my hamstrings can feel strained for up to 4 days, so much so that it kind of impedes my ability to walk up stairs etc.

Am I overdoing it or is this normal??


congrats for those who are feeling pain.its a shock to beging with but it gets easier.. as they say no pain no gain..
on deadlifts the muscle mostly targeted are hams and lower back so this is why its taking longer to heal than quads.

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