... and I would like to hear some advice from you folks.

No scratch that, I would love to hear your opinions, I know you've all got at least one.

Basically, we're a two car household, and will remain so. At present Mrs. Roundy is driving a big comfy Korean family hack (Daewoo Leganza-bought from a boardsie), which has covered 30k in the last year without complaint. I drive the car pictured below, and that's *not* going anywhere...

Now she's changing careers and will be working much closer to home than formerly, so no need for millions of airbags, traction control, and 2 litre fuel consumption anymore.

So, I want to buy something fun, reliable, 1.4 or less at a pinch, that looks good. 2 doors fine, but not two seats unfortunately. Did I mention fun?

We don't subscribe to number plate envy, having done the new car thing in the past-I find it hard to justify the hit of a '06, it's just not for me. Therefore age is not an issue, nor is price, although I don't want to go mad either.

Given these humble requirements, I came up with the following. If any of you have read this far, thanks for bearing with, and I would love to hear any ideas, no matter how esoteric they may seem...

  • Toyota Glanza-Love the notion of these, not a whole lot against them, bar the asshole stigma that goes with them
  • Daihatsu Charade DeTomaso-Bloody impossible to find with essential service history and TLC, I should have got one in the early nineties.
  • Alfa 146/7-Love 'em but I'm not that brave. I can't sacrifice form for function or lack of to that degree IMHO. Please don't flame. Anyway, too thirsty.
  • Citreon Saxo VTR-Not convinced as to reliability, but input would be good.
  • Seat Ibiza Sport-GTI too thirsty, old model bland looking...
  • Don't want much, do I?

Fey! Registered User

What about an e36 coupe to go with your e30? I know it's bigger than 1.4, but they're a nice drive.

BTW, don't sacrifice the safety extras if you don't have to - most accidents happen within a mile of your home, or so I've heard...

eljono Registered User

How about a Peugeot 206 XS (1.6l)? Nice to drive, looks well and usually have a nice bit of spec.
Or a Lupo GTi (1.6l)? I've never driven one but I've always wanted to. Going on reports I've read, it seems like an enjoyable drive and a bit of fun.
Or even a Puma 1.4? Wouldn't have considered it until I had one for a weekend a couple of years ago and I was really impressed. Great handling, pokey for a 1.4 and it's stylish in a weird way. The interior will not impress and the ride is a bit stiff but it really is great fun on a back road. Ideally the 1.7 or 1.6 but I'd settle for a 1.4.


Thanks to both of you

@ Fey: I am *very* tempted by his and hers beemers, but she wants something a little "smaller"

Safety is a consideration of course, and your point is well taken.

@eljono: That's what I'm talkin' about! I'm going to look at some prices now...

Incidentally, I saw a nice 146 hatch the other day, liked it...

I was never a great one for logic when it comes to cars, so who knows?

There's a lovely looking (from a distance at least) Glanza over on adverts.ie.

Very saucy price for a private sale though, and is that oil residue under the bonnet?

ninty9er Registered User

Fiesta 1.6 Zetec

Not the biggest fan of the Ford Clutch but if you can overcome that....


With this there is always the possibility that the dealer is lying about c/l e/w etc, but if you can overcome that.....

Anan1 Registered User

I know it's a 1.8, and I'm not sure how much it'll cost, but how about this:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=001&item=110026201126&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1


...And that's why I love this forum!

Colt: Excellent choice, sir. I used to have one, never missed a beat.

Golf: Anan1, I think I just wet my pants a little . That car looks pretty good, and I'm in Newry next week... Watch this space while I consult with the War Office.

Thanks again folks, food for thought there.

colm_mcm Registered User

Howsa bout a Toyota Sera. Bulletproof reliabiliy, 1.5 Starlet engine, minimal depreciation, weird doors!

bazz26 Registered User

Have to loose those white alloy wheels though. They look so chav imo.

colm_mcm Registered User

absolutely, just suggesting the Sera in general.


I think that's the coolest yet tbh. I was thinking Jap anyway, for equipment levels and overall condition. Even parts don't seem to be too much of an issue. I have never seen one of those Colm, are they common up in Dublin?

Edit/ Two on cbg, one just up the road from me in Limerick: asking €3950 dealer, will surely go between 3 and a half and €3,750, condition is paramount though...
So, it's that or the Golf, I'm thinking Toyotasville...

commited Registered User

Peugeot 106GTI - incredible fun. Cant wait to get one myself!

colm_mcm Registered User

go with the Sera, you know it makes sense. They're a head turner. There's a few of them going around Dublin, They'll all have Aircon too, they'd want to given the large glass area!

Jap imports tend to be in good condition, interiors tont tend to be worn as much as Irish cars, that said, a lot of Seras will have been driven in Ireland for a good few years. Sera interiors are generally very hard wearing and shouldn't be looking tired. Look out for ones with the bonkers surround sound system.

bazz26 Registered User

Or alternatively how about a Ford Puma? Heavily based on the Fiesta so parts and servicing are relatively cheap.


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