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Great thread! Some very informative comments.

We too are tempted by a renovation/restoration jobbie on a mid terraced house in Dublin, around 1000 sq/foot

Big fear for us is whether we can future proof the home, and create a sell on option in years to come. Big disadvantage at present, is the fact that you'd have to go through the house to get to the garden. Also size of main bathroom upstairs is relatively small, with no current ensuites upstairs. Also no utility bathroom downstairs.

We would hope to put on single floor extension across the rear of the house, and create an open plan layout with existing living room. (I.e kitchen come dining area, and put in double patio door) Existing kitchen at front of house would need to be turned in to seperate living room.

Meeting with builder over next few days, so will be interesting to see how accurate my guesstimates are below??

Extension: 65
Kitchen: (Would be small area to fill, so I'm imagine 7k-10k)
Electrics 10k (Family Friend would help us out, but still need materials)
Flooring 5-8k
Plumbing and heating 15k ++ (Depends on what could be done upstairs)
Windows (7 windows frames x double glazing )15k
Shower (2k)
Doors 5k
Internal restructuring (We would need to change layout to hallway and knock through existing utility room at back, keeping connection with garden, seperate from rest of house.) 10k

150k would be needed to make it habitable... Major ouch on the cashflow, but alot of 3 bed new developments in dublin, do not come to the market with space upstairs in the bedrooms, big gardens stc.

Could be worth the risk, or could be stuck with a mid-terrace house for life and in debt

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just wondering if you got prices back on your building costs. i am in a similar situation renovating a property of approximately 1250sq ft. I had a rough quote of 80-85,000(worse case scenario figures, apparently).

this is for:

skimming of all walls and ceilings inside.
complete rewire,
complere replumb, (including new burner, tank and rads)
new windows and doors ,inside and out.
new skirtings and architrives, door frames and stairs.
demolishing two walls and putting in RSJs.
building a new en suite.
hi-spec kitchen and bathroom suites.
solid oak floors downstairs.
bathroom/kitchen tiled.
painting of whole house.
re-roofing utility room.
outside walls dry lined.
complete waste removal.

(they gave me an 8wk time frame)
id appreciate ANY advice from anyone.

Also, there is a mini extension above the existing extension. it is quite small and barely holds a sink and toilet. Id be looking to extend this a few feet to one side. This isnt included in the price above. Anyone ideas on how much this would cost and if it would effect the existing foundations of the extension.


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Thats about right. In fact it appears reasonably good especially if it includes fittings and Painting of the house. I am getting similar quotes not including painting and fittings and not including a kitchen but does include a fairly major attic conversion and stairs.


Anybody interested in renovation and restoration of old houses should take a look at www.formerglory.ie. Loads of interesting buildings and houses for sale and advice and information.

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fixxation said:
Hi again everyone

To top it all off, we haven't even bought this house yet. We don't want to make an offer unless we're confident that we can get something decent and livable with our small budget of 100k. Planning permission will still have to be applied for, and if it's rejected based on the architect drawings then this whole thing is a waste of time and money... We could apply for planning permission now, but I doubt the owners of the house have 3+ months to wait around for us to find out of it's rejected or accepted. It's hard to say if they would even accept an offer on the house subject to pp but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Based on what other owners on the street have done, it doesn't appear that it will be a problem to get permission for the 2-storey extension, and 1-storey I suppose is even easier as long as we don't go over the maximum square footage allowed.

The Renovate House rookie Fixxation

Hi Fixxation ,
extension to the rear is generally exempt development (no need for planning) if the floor area of the proposed extension does not exceed 40 sq meters. (the area of the firs floor extension cannot exceed 12 sq. m. This is still subject to the distances from boundary, opposing windows and couple more things. If this suits you than you can always apply for pp to get larger extension and if refused build exempt one. But remember there is more than area to consider extension exempt. You might also need to get pp for your attic conversion. If you decide to apply for pp before you buy the house, if successful, I think the seller will rise the price. You could also go to Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown CC and see the planning history of the house. Owner might have already applied for PP and was refused.

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Anyone know of any good websites that deal with the whole renovation process?

(Irish/UK would obviously be preferrable).

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Hi all,

My boyfriend and I just viewed and are considering making an offer on an old house in a brilliant location!

It is an executor sale hence the bargain discount price.

We will be getting a surveyor to look at the house but on first impressions it is amazing. 1000 sq ft, with 100sq ft garden therefore lots of extension potential.

We would be keen to buy it and make the few necessary changes now in order to make it livable in (i.e. central heating, sand all floorboards, paint, kitchen etc.). The idea would then be to renovate more extensively and extend out in 5/6 yrs when we actually need more space (we are only 26 now) and have saved up more.

What do people think of this as an idea? We would be keen not to throw too much money into the house at this stage with designer kitchens etc. given it will all be scrapped when we renovate and extend more extensively out the back garden.

Presuming the surveyor report is good, how much would central heating, some added insulation and a few minor bits and bobs (it has new double glazing windows and is fully rewired)? We would intend to paint, sand etc. ourselves.

Thanks for your help!


The Hill Billy Prick, with a fork


Firstly, a 100sq ft garden won't give you a lot of space to extend. Did you mean that the garden is 100ft in length?

As for "how much would central heating, some added insulation and a few minor bits and bobs" - how long is a piece of string? You'd need to provide a bit more info. For example:
What type of central heat system will you be looking for?
How many rads & of what spec?
What sort of insulation? Attic, wall cavities, etc?
What are the bits & bobs?

Have a read through the previous posts may give you some sort of idea as to the amount of effort & costs?

From my own point of view - It really is well worth it. I worked every evening & all weekends on my place for 11 months doing it up. It was a bigger project than you are thinking of & nearly broke my heart at times. The end result was exactly what I wanted though & Mrs Billy & the kids love our home.

Go for it but expect it to cost twice as much as you originally expect.

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Oops, I actually meant 100ft long. About 20 ft wide!

There is a gas line all the way up to the house so the heating requirements would be to install a boiler unit and piping to the gas line and to a radiator in each room and to the immersion heater.

We would need approximately 8-10 standard length radiators to be installed upstairs and downstairs as there was never a central heating system installed at all.

We also need the attic to be properly insulated and may also require a few internal walls to be taken down.

The Hill Billy Prick, with a fork

Kate - I kinda figured that on the garden, but wanted to be sure. Sounds like a great opportunity. How old is the house? Is it stone or brick?

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House is about 50-60 years old- Ex Council. Very well built. Pretty sure its concrete built or at least brick (it is rendered on the front)

I think it is a great opportunity but we may be liviong in squalor for a while

The Hill Billy Prick, with a fork

I'd imagine that the central heating is going to be your single largest outlay. Get out the good ol' Golden Pages & ask for ball-park estimates for what you think you need for heating.

As for insulation - I'd advise on putting in the highest spec you can afford. With ever-rising heating costs it is the only way to go. I spent a small fortune on it & it is certainly paying back dividends with regards heating costs compared with my neighbours. (All 4 homes in terrace identical - my place is the only one properly insulated & heating bill is 50% of theirs.)

I used Conservobond in my attic (insulation, waterproofing & bonding for slates) & high-spec foil-backed Kingspan under my new concrete floors. House is seriously toasty, but the 2 foot thick walls also help.

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They say theres always one in this case two 35,000 would get you a nice single extention and thats without the kitchen, tiles or flooring but then again I see the inside of peoples homes and then I see the inside of peoples homes if you know what I mean 35,000 total crap
Listen to the lads that gave you advice they know what their talking about

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I would say to anyone that is thinking of buying a house and restoring to go for it (I'm probably 1 in a million). Myself and my partner bought a house earlier in the year and rennovated it and it was all complete in 2 months.

I had people ready to go before we have even signed for it and got at least 3 quotes for every job. Once one job was complete I had someone ready to come in to do the next job, you just have to be a good planner and and good at budgeting.

The following is what we dont for €22k:
-Insulate the attic
-Complete central heating system & radiators
-Re-plumbed the whole house
-New internal doors
-The whole house was plastered (not including the ceilings)
-Removed all floors due to wood worm and placed Wooden floors & carpets throughout.
-New kitchen
-New bathroom suite

There is a probably more but I cant remember. We done a lot of work ourselves such as pulling our fireplaces, tiling, painting etc.

The garden is still to be done but I'm thinking it can wait. You can definitely make the most from your space without building straight away.

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I see the last post was in Aug 08, but hopefully one of you might respond!?
I am really just looking for an opinion or advice??
I have seen a house that I would be keen to buy, the purchase price is very low, only 90k, but in need of total renovation, it is 1250 sq ft. Neither myself or my partner have any building experience so we would need a contractor or project manager... The house would need as far as I can see (I have yet to get a survery, as I am only considering options)
Central Heating
new kitchen
new bathroom suite
Add downstairs w.c
Add Utility room
knock dining room and kitchen wall making it open plan
New floors (tiles, wood floor & carpet)
New internal doors
new external doors x 2
New windows (approx 8 windows)

Now here is the kicker, we only have 35k cash to do the work as we will need to have a deposit for mortgage of 18k, are we way out in left field, or could this be possible?????

Any advice would be very much apprecaited!!!!

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