What would the training routine on a daily basis be of a fairly serious boxer...be it amateur or pro.

For example

what sort of running is done...distance run or sprint.

What times of day is training done.

How is the actual boxing training broken down?

Do boxers bother with weights?

What percent of the training would be sparring.

Thanks in advance for info.

I tried to google for this before, but just get pages about matches as opposed to the info I was interested in.



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Training for top level Amateur boxers is a lot different to training for a 12 round pro fight.

The Rounds duration is different. Amatuer top level is 4rounds x 2mins, Pro is 12rounds x 3mins.

So when your training Amateur you have to condition yourself to be ready for 4 rounds of non stop boxing, where-as with 12 rounds of Pro you have to condition yourself to be able to have endurance for the full 12 rounds. Although the break in between rounds is the same of 1 minute.

Running: I was recently at a High Performance Training Seminar for amateur boxing in Ireland and the coaches told us that - it is really useless to a top class amateur to jog 6 miles everyday (the typical sterotype).........as with Amateur Boxing its really a stop-start fight. You need to be able to give 100% for 10 seconds, then relax (now when I say relax means you back off your opponent hands up tight, complete concetration - waiting for your opening), and give 100%, relax, 100%, relax. So the running an amateur boxer would do would be 100% flat out for say 100metre, slow, 100%, Slow, 100%, Slow:

An excellant example was a running session I learned from a great trainer Kenny Miller (here is his website www.zatopek.freeserve.co.uk).

Take a football pitch - 1 lap = jog the width, sprint the lenth, jog the width, sprint the lenth.
Do 8 laps...........excellant for Amateur boxing because its that Sprint, Relax, Sprint, Relax!!!


Excellent! Thanks for the info on the runs.

So for better performance....sprints. how many times would you repeat this 100m sprint...slow...100 sprint etc?

So does that long run, have its place?

I am learning Thai boxing in thailand (I was kickboxer in ireland for a good few years) and here they do long slow runs. (5 rounds x 3 is the fight).

I am 34 and no longer a figther, so I am trying to push myself to best of my abliity. and doing 5Km in 30 mins (well thats the goal, I am about 80% on target for that).

So tell me, about the boxer in the gym then.

Whats the routine like in the boxing gym?



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Yes don't get my wrong the long run is good but for amateur boxing is not that beneficial.........but for a top class amateur boxer who would do runs 5/6 mornings a week - would defo need to do 1 long run a week (in my opinion).

Mon: Sprints (Football pitch - as explained above)
Tue: Hill Running (find a nice hill of say 100 metres, Sprint 100% up, relax coming back down - BUT DONT WALK) say start 8, next week 10, next week 12
Wed: 2 and a half mile run. Start of jog for 1 min, sprint for 10 seconds, jog for 1 min, sprint for 10 seconds.
Thurs: Day Off
Fri: 5/6 Mile Jog
Sat: Running track: 1 x 800 Metre sprint (minute break), 2 x 400 Metre sprint (30 seconds break), 4 x 100 Metre Sprint (15 Seconds break), 2 x 400 Metre Sprint (30 Seconds break), 1 x 800 Metre sprint
Sun: Day Off

I usually prefer to do sparring before bags and pads, but when your in a club you have to wait your turn to get called. This is what boxers usually do, but could vary on any given night (also other things that gyms do, weights, strength work, pull ups, dips, circuits etc.)

Warm Up
2andHalf mile run or Skipping
4 rounds of shadow boxing or mirror boxing
4 Rounds Sparring
4 Rounds Pads
4-6 rounds on bags
Stomach work
Warm Down


Great! Thanks for sharing info.

The runs is interesting.. as I said I am too long in the tooth for fighting now, but I am trying to challenge myself, to train like a fighter as best I can, given my ability and age. (was 30 last time I was in the ring kickboxing, but last few years its tougher to keep up!!).

I see some days they take a break from running. I will do same, as I was longer running most days (In 90 degress heat) and getitng real tired.

So now I have some new ideas for runinng.

I usually do 1 hour Muay Thai Monday to Friday at 7am and sometimes another hour a 4pm. I focus 50% on punches myself. I do alot of bag work too.

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