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Ok, so this morning found a cat (no collar) with (new born) kittens under a bush in my garden.

The cat hissed a little when I came close so I didn't get to see how many kittens.

I left a bowl of water out and headed for work.

Assuming they are still there when I get home - what should I do?

I'm in Dublin 15 - Carpenterstown/Castleknock area.

BTW - I don't want to keep them - so that option is out of the question.


Bring them to your local animal shelter if you can at all.

RE*AC*TOR Registered User

I guess I could try that. Any idea where my local animal shelter might be?

RE*AC*TOR Registered User

The Ashtown Pound? (i know there's a sticky saying not to bring animals to pounds)

MunsterCycling Registered User

If you bring them to a pound they will be put down IMMEDIATLY, better to take a picture of her and post it into a few doors and on a few lamps around the area and see if you get a responce if not then look for a shelter to rehouse them.


cotton Registered User

Pounds are for dogs, not cats.

Have you tried Cats Aid? Don't know if they'll be of much help but they might know of someone that will.

Grem Registered User

Oh please dont bring them to a pound! I wish i could take them for you - my family took in 2 stray kittens a few years ago, gave them a box under the carport to sleep in and fed them and they are so beautiful now, we dont let them in the house or anything but they are happy and if we had taken them to a pound they would be dead right now.

Maybe ask your neighbours if they would like a kitten?

RE*AC*TOR Registered User

Rang the DSPCA - guy said if it was a stray, just ignore them and the mother will move them on after a while. Just don't feed it, or they will stick around. So that's my plan at the mo.

cotton Registered User

Well done the DSPCA. Great advice from a "caring" organisation. Once again they don't give a ****.
If you ignore them they might move on alright. So kind of you. Then the cycle of breeding will start all over again, the kittens too. That's if they don't die of starvation, poison, run over etc. But hey, don't worry, it mightn't be your problem, it'll be next persons.
I hope to God they're more flipping caring than you are.

lphchild Registered User

All it takes is a call to catsaid and they'll sort something out... cats best interest is their priority...

RE*AC*TOR Registered User

Jesus - cotton - calm the **** down. They are wild animals, not pets.

Anyway - I'll ring catsaid and see what they have to say.

RE*AC*TOR Registered User

rang them - got a recorded message - can't take any more cats into care at the moment.

cotton Registered User

Jesus - cotton - calm the **** down. They are wild animals, not pets.

Anyway - I'll ring catsaid and see what they have to say.

They are NOT wild animals, they're domestic strays.

delly Radiator

They are NOT wild animals, they're domestic strays.

Dude, chill out. RE*AC*TOR has posted here to find out the best way of dealing with the cats and rang the DSPCA who gave advice. He is still trying to find the best solution with our help.

How about offering a few more solutions rather than being a sarky poster.

Tabitharose Registered User

OK first off alot of the rescues are full to bursting at this time of the year. You will find a list of organisations who may be in a position to offer assistance on but please note that Kitten Adoption are unable to take in any cats / kittens at the moment.

There are some other cat organisations that are not listed on Irish Animals - try goggling cat rescue dublin.

Pounds only take dogs they do not take cats.

Would suggest ringing your local vets in case the mammy cat belongs to someone in the area & wandered off to have her kittens.

You could try posting on petsireland & irishanimals looking for assistance, but I think that most people who help out with cats & kittens are up to their eyes at the moment but it may still be worth a shot - if you want me to do this for you pm me some contact details & what you want me to post.

The kindest thing to do in the long run if you cannot get any help from any other source, may be to get back in touch with the dspca, who will offer to come & collect them & put them to sleep - it is by no means an ideal answer by anyone's standards, however when faced with the alternative of not having a permanent food source, no vet care, and all of the usual day to day hazards that strayed domestic cats have it may be the kindest. We have all seen recently that there are people out there who get enjoyment from shooting these animals, - a slow painful death from a bullet that doesn't kill outright or being put to sleep humainly.......

Sorry I am not offering more & good luck

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