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Detectives investigate city centre brothels
GARDAI in Kilkenny are investigating a number of city centre brothels which are successfully operating in the heart of the city centre.
Earlier this year a city centre premises was raided by gardai and a case is currently before the courts.
The sex trade has a well-established if not well publicised business base in Kilkenny. A well known brothel operated for a number of years close to St Luke's hospital but has since closed.
In recent months a number of women from Eastern Europe have been working from apartments in the city centre, just off High Street.
Some of these women are working for a small number of men who actively go out on the streets of Kilkenny in the early hours of the weekend looking for business.
Gardai have also confirmed that they are aware of the existence of brothels in the city and are investigating the matter but refused to comment further for operational reasons.
"They seem to move location every year to 18 months.
There was a premises in the Ormonde Street area that was being used but that has closed. One door closes and another one opens," a source told the Kilkenny People.
Kilkenny escorts
Apart from brothels a number of prostitutes based in Waterford have a growing number of Kilkenny clients.
"Girls travel up to Kilkenny on a regular basis," a Waterford based prostitute told the Kilkenny People.
"They usually meet their clients in a hotel but they will also travel to your house. The callout to Kilkenny from Waterford is E260 and that is for an hour. The client will also pay for the girl's taxi down and back which is a E100 round trip. A night costs E2,000."
Meanwhile Kilkenny has its own escort service which features pictures and details of its naked and semi-naked escorts.
The women are aged between 19 and 24 years of age and come from England, Ireland, Poland, Russia and Italy.
Rise in STD's
Irresponsible sexual behaviour has also led to a dramatic rise in sexually transmitted diseases in the Kilkenny area.
"Although there is a growing awareness of STD's we have seen a significant rise in the number of cases of chlamydia," Dr Ronan Fawsitt, PRO of the Irish College of General Practitioners in Kilkenny said.
"This is a hidden disease which can lead to infertility in women," he added.
"This increase is consistent with changing sexual practice. People seem to have the notion that they are immune to AIDS. They are not and there are a number of cases in Kilkenny. The message is simple, unsafe sex kills at every age," he said.
16 August 2006

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