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Thanks guys, so FYI 630 probably May 1958


pflanagan132 said:
Thanks guys, so FYI 630 probably May 1958

GYI 5/58 so it's there or thereabouts. It looks to be one letter a month at that time. Shame they never added the extra number like the NI system and we'd still have it going strong. It would look much better than the mess of digits we have now.

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Arthur Daley said:
So when you were used to seeing ZY in Louth or surrounds, the current ZV reg can evoke some nostalgia for some, and not appear completly out of place.

no.not until it went to 5 or even 6 numbers.

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This post has been deleted.

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I had an 82/83 (can't remember exactly) Starlet It was 606 EFI. So you're more than likely right.

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