• Yes, After day/weeks/months of trying. (29.17%)
  • Never (29.17%)
  • Once (33.33%)
  • I tried, but gave up after a few hours (8.33%)
Explosive_Cornflake Registered User

I'll OC soon enough, but I'll be on stock cooling for awhile, until my friend comes home from Chicago. He's bringing a 775 retention module XP 120. Hopefully it'll fit he mother board If it dooesn't, I'll guess I'll go HSF hunting.


Finally got thru 2 ocuk on fone, my order has not been shipped yet. They say they're having a prob with royal mail & this is why the order didn't go out. I've got them to upgrade me to parcel post after i got mad with them on the fone. Should have it fri. So much for ordering on the 6th july 2 beat the rush.

Explosive_Cornflake Registered User

I've got mine now,
No motherboard till tomorrow though

TomCo Registered User

Open it open it!

I want to see the HSF.

po0k Registered User

No! The gnomes will escape and he'll lose latency cohesion!


Jealous as fcuk. Whats stock hsf like?

Edit: Just got new nokia n70 thru insurance on fone. Told them i drove over old sharp, they not in stock anymore, so sent me better 1. Will keep me quiet til conroe comes.

TomCo Registered User

No! The gnomes will escape and he'll lose latency cohesion!

Of course, it's so obvious!
Increase power to the thermodynamic stabilisation matrix!

gline Registered User

overclockers are bad to deal with (well they were) i had to ring them before about 1.5years ago, rang about 10 different days at different times and never got through, so i gave up and cancelled the order

Explosive_Cornflake Registered User

If you need higher res/different angles, let me know

It may be friday before it sees any action. OCUK told me they shipped me the motherbaord yesterday, but parcelforce only picked it up this morning.

Diddy Kong Registered User

That actually looks like a decent enough heatsink, very like the zalman one. Have you connected it up to see how loud it is??

Explosive_Cornflake Registered User

DJMarkus tells me it's the same as the one he got with his 805. I think he got it up to almost 4GHz, but it's noisy when on full. As sure, i'll see if i can connect it up now...
Actualy, it's ot bad at all on a 3 pin header, but it's a 4 pin header it's supposed to go to.

TomCo Registered User

It looks ok, not exactly precision engineering though. You can see bends and pits on some of the fins.


Finally got shipping confirmation....should have it fri.

conzy Registered User

Well, it seems they lost my original order, but I ordered over the phone and my order is now at the picking station..

Overclockers are great IF things go smoothly

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