ian_m Registered User

Red wine does the trick for me too. The BBC World service at a low volume ticks my mind over until I fall asleep. A dark bedroom at a cool temperature (around 18-19C).

dogmatix Registered User

Also -
1. Warm bath and soak just before bedtime (bath mind - not shower).
2. Almost complete darkness in room.
3. Nature sounds at low volume - recordings of rainfall and forest stream or distint thunder storms can be quite relaxing for some strange reason.
3. As quiet as possible (after your nature sounds cd has finished).
4. A routine - or try to set one - i.e, always be in bed by 11pm and up by 7am etc.

jtsuited Registered User

go to a good doctor and get prescribed zopitan. Or any other hypnotic/sedative.

After 2 weeks of a good (if drug induced) sleeping pattern and your problems are over.

Sleeping problems obviously.

all_smilz Registered User

ann summers has a few interesting gadgets that usually help me to get off....

kittensoft1984 Registered User

ive just moved house recently and im having trouble sleeping...

any ideas?

ian_m Registered User

Whats different about your old bedroom and your new one? Comparatively warmer or colder? More or less light? Maybe try and give it a feel of the old place? I find clutter bothers me.

I moved house in the past 12months or so and I find I sleep better in my new home. Maybe it just might take time for you to settle.

Bob the Builder Registered User

I didn't realise this thread or indeed, forum, existed at all.

But, I have studied the subject very closely in relation to trying to get rid of these notions of insomnia, etc.

As I'm sure you all well know, is that such a condition lies inside the brain, and although the brain is a muscle, it works by certain patterns.

I am currently reading a book by Derren Browne "Tricks of the Mind", and he explains a way of using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to stop people having phobia's, etc. I have tried on my friends, in relation to abolishing fears of heights, etc, and they will wake up thinking that it hasn;t worked, yet, they will come back to me a week later with a story of how they have mastered it. The book is €9 from play.com, and I think if there are any parents that wish to help themselves of their children to "remove/abolish" nightmares, it's an excellent read, because the "methods" he shows you do not involve hypnosis. PM me, if you would like a more detailed description of what he does, or if you get the book, I'll tell you what pages the relevant info is on...

Regarding insomnia, the first approach which must be undertaken is the pen and paper approach. Purchase two day planner diaries. Use the first diary to record all of your tasks, and to-do list, who you were speaking to. When someone tells you something which you have to remember, write it down, it removes a lot of anxiety regarding memorizing unrelevant information, this basically clears your mind while you are asleep, in such a way as to avoid overloading your brain.

Use the second diary (which should not leave your house, and should not be read by anyone but yourself, or maybe your doctor if you ever have to see him/her for the same reason) should contain information regarding, diet, exercise, sleep and dreams.

So, for the 11th of February; I woke at 8:15am, got out of bed at 8:30am, ate a bowl of weetabix with a glass of milk. I ate lunch at 1:45(a BLT sandwich, cup of coffee), and then went back to the office at 2:20pm, I ate dinner at 6:00pm(Pasta). Be sure to record whatever you smoked/drank. Then record, what time you went to bed at, and what time you went to sleep at. Record what times during the night you woke at, and what dreams you had in between(but record them as soon as you wake up during the dream). Do this daily for two weeks, and you may or may not find consistentcy between what you eat and the times you sleep.

Using these two methods, you may notice a slight improvement in your sleep, but what I found useful is using a method of NLP to basically grab a bad feeling about something and delete it from your brain rather than building upon it.

Everytime something really negative happens you. Relax, close your eyes... Get a picture of something really positive in your mind, something which your good at, like playing soccer or impressing your friends with your great driving skills. imagine it in your mind, clearly.... now what I want you to do is imagine that, the four corners of that image have just been tied back with huge elastic bands .... the pressure is enormous .... (still keep the picture, the elasticated picture there in the background as well as we move onto the next image...) imagine the negative picture, your boss talking to you about something bad you did, or whatever, imagine it clearly and vividly, now, all of a sudden decolour that picture, and make it black and white, all fuzzy, shrink the picture down to nothing.... when you are finished that, release the catapault, release the elastic bands, and watch as the positive image of you now shrinks the old negative picture...

I know that above extract is hard to understand as I typed it out myself in a rush, but if you can understand it, have a go at it, I will follow in the next couple of days with a few NLP extracts that work really well, but I'll have to avoid all the copywrited ones.. following a few simple methods of nlp has been very successful for me.

ian_m Registered User

Cheers nevf. I love all that kind of stuff.

darrenn Registered User

i cant sleep properly eaither my mind keeps racin and ehrn i do i wake up in total confusion i have no clue who i am or where i am its horrible!! any help?

surm00 Registered User

I find nutmeg helps me sleep. 1-3 spoons of powdered stuff drank down with water (it tastes horrible). No more than that though. As well as being a natural sedative it can cause you to feel quite unplessant (understatement!!!) in higher does. Some valium or a joint helps otherwise!

ian_m Registered User

darrenn said:
i cant sleep properly eaither my mind keeps racin and ehrn i do i wake up in total confusion i have no clue who i am or where i am its horrible!! any help?

Do you drink coffee or anything like that?

Overheal Covfefe Connoisseur

would it be terribly detrimental to switch myself onto a cycle of sleeping every second day, for a couple of weeks?



brown-dog Registered User

I just go for a 20 min walk or run at night about an hour before heading to bed - made a deal with myself years ago that if I couldnt get stuff sorted out after the run / walk I would leave it until the next day, jump into the bath / shower, have a glass of wine and go to sleep. I used to be a really bad insominac but this routine has helped alot!

Suaimhneach Moderator

I say a prayer over and over in my head, and every time my mind wanders I force myself to go back to saying it, and then eventually out of boredom or repetitive ness I fall asleep...

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