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Hi all

I am trying to value a 1939 Bank of Ireland "Ploughman" Bank note. It is in good condition. Is there any particular varities that are more valuable than others, (ie date, issue number), I think this one is March 39.

Alternatively any books or websites (apart from ebay), which could be a guide




8 Banks issued Ploughman notes. The Bank of Ireland version is the most common of the 8 Banks issued. More information can be found on

I reckon the one you have there is worth around 150 Euro. Where did you get that beauty from. They are scarce as Hens teeth these days.

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Hi cooksock,

FYI that ten shillings you bought on ebay with the green case isn't it's original case. It's actually a case from the 10 ecu 1990 and that seller is making a fortune IMO fooling people with them.

If you're ever looking for anything in Irish coins, gimme a shout, I've tons of stuff here. If you want an evaluation on that note based on passed ebay auctions over the last few years, just let me know.

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Be careful what you pay and what you are accept for Ploughman Notes

The Bank it was issued from, the year it was issued, its denomination, its condition, etc. all make up the value.

The majority range in price from €150 upwards but currently Whytes Auctioneers have Ploughman Notes for sale in their next Auction and they range from €1200 to €4000 in guide prices!!

I have a €5 note given to me by my grandfather as a christening gift. I am probably lucky it was the 1960s and it was no longer legal tender! My Mother "put it away for me"!

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This one is by the Hibernian bank 06/05/29 any idea how much it is worth

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These are a few of the results from Whyte's auction last week
However you'd need to get a specific valuation
There are many things that affect value: issuing bank, condition, date, etc,

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