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Hi, i'd like to get a tattoo of my girlfriends fingerprint (probably thumb). I've talked to a couple of tattoo artists about it to get some opinions, one said he'd done a few before and said there was only a few places you could have it done, due to the likelyhood of stretching etc.

The other wasnt as enthusiastic and said the detail would not be very good, and it could lose shape etc.

Anyone here any experience of a fingerprint tattoo?

I know it will have to be blown up at least double size, but I'm just wondering if it will look well and if anyone can recommend an artist who would be confident doing it?

Thanks, Barry.

amazingemmet Registered User

Personally i don't think it'll age too well at all for the reasons the second guy gave.

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edibility Registered User

It's a nice idea but the stretching will cause problems, and the detail will be tricky, incredibley thin detailed lines like that are a b1tch to maintain.

Reku Registered User

When you consider the detail of a fingerprint I'd say you'd need to go considerably bigger than just double size for the tattoo to keep well over the years.
At a guess I'd say you'd want it blown up such that the gaps between the lines would be >3mm wide if you want any hope, looking at my own fingers it seems to be about 0.5mm spacing so you'd be looking at ~ 6 times the size of her finger so lets say said finger print is 1.5cm x 2.5cm => about 9cm x 15cm, I'd check that with the artists though, maybe they'd feel happy enough with smaller gaps as regards good detail and future blurring/stretching etc....

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Hey All,
I'm a newbie on this site so couldnt figure out how2 post new thread..
Neways..I recently lost my uncle as he could no longer stand being on this crazy planet..I desperatly want to get his finger prints or possibly hand print on my shoulder or wrist..
I'm 21 yr old female of small build..
I have never been inked in my life so have no experience..
Appreciate any advice, please help!!


Do you have a copy of his fingerprints?

*wonders if OP is still with GF

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zilla2012 Registered User

No.. It's a bit difficult as he was married but seperated so she has all his stuff...I will get them tho.. Don't even know how to take them either..Thinking his Drum kits would be best surface to try get them off??should I contact Private Investigator tp help retrive prints??

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Dunno about obtaining a copy of the print, but it'd have to be blown up massively, so that the lines wouldn't blur into one another and be just a finger shaped smudge.

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