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PB float tube caught pike ...

Doc Farrell Registered User

PB float tube caught pike ...

thats an incredible pike sir, congrats, and i know you put him straight back in so double congrats. what was he, about 20 pounds?

btw, off topic, can someone recommend a few good forums for Irish anglers? i know sea angling ireland is great but i'm more interested in fly fishing tbh.
i'm not very good btw so anyone like to share their favorite sites with me?

thanks, des.

billyk Registered User

about 6 pound

stevecrow74 Registered User

billyk said:
about 6 pound

nice bass..

here's one i caught at the weekend

Auldloon Registered User

21 inch brown trout returned. Loch Watten Sutherland Scotland caught on a bibio sedgehog
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Not the day to have forgotten my camera lol

Auldloon Registered User

Few more pics from west clare and Lough Derg taken during a weekend home last april.

Sfinn Registered User

Awesome Chuileog,

The 21inch from Scot, jealous i am

wayne riley Registered User

my 1st cod

wayne 066.JPG
wayne riley Registered User

short spine sea scorpion

Popanddrop Banned

My 35lb Dolphin Fish caught in Panama.

Digitaljunkie Registered User

Here's one from the Ebro last September caught two fish on the first day a 109Ib and this one 154Ib's arm busting stuff I tell ya! Between 2 of us we caught 2500Ib's of fish in five days can't wait to go back


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Cormdogg Registered User

Skate I caught last month in Clew bay.64" accross and over 6ft long. Possibly over 200lb, No biggie!

Cormdogg Registered User

My first brown trout on the owendoher!

woody guthrie Registered User

First ever wild Brown Trout, caught on the dry fly in the River Sullane at Macroom.

jd A Rod Metro

2 of 5 Twaite Shad caught St Mullins Co Carlow, June 1st on Tasmanian Devils

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