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Hi All...

New to this board. I'm dad to a (if I say so myself) very cute little nine month old girl. So cute infact that we (her mom & I) were thinking of putting her forward for some modelling/acting work (& any money earned going toward her college fund)... She is very intelligent, fast learning & loves cameras (she even plays to them)...

Thing is... we don't know the first thing about it... Has anyone any advice ?

MyBaby Registered User

I have a 10month old baby boy.

Have him signed up to, costs 59 euro a year. He got his 1st audition within 2 months of being joined up and last week just filmed an ident for RTE 1 coming out in October this year. He has made back over double what we paid for the years cost.

Also going to join him up to Assets modelling this week. They do baby/child modelling as well as adults such as the catalogues etc.

Hope this helps

jayo99 Registered User


Why didnt you try arrange a deal with RTE while you were filimg the commercial so that you could run ads asking for the public to text in and vote for ur child in the Sunday World competitionn ?

Some people !


Jayo99 please take time to read the charter for this forum.

Doesnt the bulk of the childs 'earnings' have to go into an account for them for when they reach 18 ?

oulu Registered User

Photoshoot for Extras - Sat July 29th @ Westbury Hotel,This might help,

run_Forrest_run Registered User

Who benefits from this,the child? hardly, and I don't buy the suggestion that the money earned will help towards college funds etc..I have a 5 month old daughter...cute as hell but I wouldn't start dragging her to tv auditions..c'mon folks, it's not Texas we live in!

jayo99 Registered User

my point exactly !

Yet when I voice my opinion I get told to read the forum rules?


you are allowed to voice your opinion but it is how you do it that can get you into trouble with the charter.

Oryx Registered User

Am smiling cos I reckon every parent thinks their kid is the cutest thing to ever wear nappies. I know I do. Sorry Ive no advice OP other than to say good luck, hope its a good experience for you and babs.

sharonlarkin Registered User

I would never put my child into any type of magazine. I have 2 very cute kids and was stopped in town one day by 2 women from some type of child agency. They asked would I be interested in putting my little girl into a clothes magazine. No chance whatsoever. When it comes to perverts and pedos, what do you think they start off by looking at. Kids modelling clothes. I think anyone that does that is mad. And do the kids even like doing it.


Kids modelling clothes. I think anyone that does that is mad. And do the kids even like doing it.

Do you prevent people from taking photos of kids too? I mean, who knows where that could lead...

I don't see the harm in it as long as the kid is happy doing it and it isn't the parents trying to boost their own egos or realised their own failed childhood dreams or such.

sharonlarkin Registered User

The only people that take photos of my kids are relatives, no one else.

iMax Banned

Well so far We've been given three business cards (an agency & 2 photographers, Thanks for the info mybaby, will look into movie extras. couple of extreme reactions above, but everyone's entitled to an opinion. As stated earlier, any money earned will go towards her college/first car/house deposit (She already has a little nestegg). Regarding boosting egos, not really, just want to help her on her way, failed childhood dreams... again not really, I'm an ugly sod - God knows what her mother saw in me !!!

GretchenWieners Registered User

TO iMax: The page is supposed to be really good, tehy deal with some American production compaines too. It's a bit of fun and a nice way to earn money if anything, and it's something the child can look at and think wow in a few years! I know I would've anyway and I'm only 18!

TempestSabre Registered User

Don't see the harm in it myself. As long as its done properly and well managed. Security is obviously an issue.

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