Since I started using my passport.net with live.com (for the beta messenger) I cant find how to change my sign in email address. When I go to passport.net, sign in and click on account details it takes me str8 to live.com. And I cant find anything there either.

Anyone have any info?

8T8 Registered User

This is the link you go to, I've no idea where this is linked to on Live.com as I could not see it either. I found it by Google'ing for passport.net and Microsoft redirected to the link below.



as per op thats where I've already been. only optin is give is to change alternative email address.

8T8 Registered User

Sorry about that misread your post, your right don't see anything on that page either other than add an alternate email address which I don't know if that affects the sign email address or not.

If your in a jam you could try closing your existing account and open another one with the new email address if you cant find a way to change it.


I nearly did that but then realised that it would "delete your messenger contacts too". Thats too much hassle to get everyone to add the new address

gnashrr Banned

If you use your .NET passport with Gaim you can also use your new .NET passport at the same time and gradually change people over. It is a multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows. It is compatible with AIM and ICQ (Oscar protocol), MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, SILC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, Lotus Sametime, and Zephyr networks.

zilog_jones Registered User

I don't think there was ever an option to change your e-mail address for your Passport login - never heard about it anyway. Which is why I still use my 6-year-old hotmail address that I never check and is riddled with spam ^_^


you could change if it was a non hotmail/msn address to begin with. I had changed mine a few times when it was just passport. but this live things is being a pain in the arse!

snappieT Registered User

I wish MS marketing would make their mind up. Is it passport, .net or live?

And whichever it is, can they please stop using the old websites and termonology!

zilog_jones Registered User

Nah, I think they'll change it to Live Passport ID Usermatic Pank.NET next.

snappieT Registered User

They'll probably go onto some ambigious name next. Like "Login" or something crazy like that.
Also, MS Live generates confusion with Office Live, Xbox Live...
/longs to stab MS Marketer


I email support and was told that as part of the live.com service (which is beta) that this feature was no longer provided. But I managed to find the privacy statement (good old google!) for passport.net which says "You can change your user name if your account on the Passport Network does not belong to a sponsored domain." Waiting to see what happens next...

but it sucks if I cant. drop all my msn contacts just to be able to use their beta mail service. feck off MS!

gnashrr Banned

Even if you do manage to change the email address associated with your .NET passport you will still need to have your contacts add your new address because at the end of the day they have a list of their contacts in MSN messenger, one of which is you, which you don't have access to and cannot edit.

I'm sure it's possible for Microsoft to do some aliasing and have traffic inbound to your previous email address forwarded to your new one on the MSN protocol but I don't see that happening.

I think the more time you spend on trying to accomplish what you can't the longer you're putting off registering your new account and resorting your contacts.

Register your gmail address as your .NET passport, download Gaim and don't look back.


nope, when you change your passport id (which I did previously before this live.com thing came along) your msn contacts were updated with your new sign in address. My gmail address is already .net and using gaim isnt the solution. I want to use the live mail feature but need a hotmail/msn/live address. My passport id is linked to my MCP/MCSA cetification and I havent even looked into updating that either. so its not just about the messenger contacts. as it stands I think I'll just have to forget about the mail service.

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