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Anyone have anyidea on how to do this, I have an array in excel like below...

Now I have a drop down menu to make a choice from the x and y axis and I want the next box to return the value in the array....
some selects a from first box then 2 from the next box then box 3 should populate with the answer 4.

Any ideas?

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what about something like this...

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() ' change to whatever!
    Dim arr(1 To 4) As String
    Dim x, y As Integer
    Dim returnItem As String
    arr(1) = ".abcdefg"
    arr(2) = "1234567"
    arr(3) = "2345678"
    arr(4) = "3456789"
    x = 2 'return the row - update to reflect value in your box
    y = 3 ' return the character from the chosen row - update to reflect value in your box

    returnItem = Mid(arr(x), y, 1)
    MsgBox (returnItem)

End Sub

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