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eddie73 said:
Musicians are tied down for the entire evening, setting up, travel, waiting etc, its not just 2 or 3 hours work

We have a roadie who sets up before the gig, and he's there at about 2pm. We land on at about 8 on the off chance that speeches finish early, we then have to wait for the hotel staff to clear tables off the dance floor, and setup the remainder of our equipment and lighting, get changed into uniforms, tune up, and then herd the crowd outside smoking/drinking back in. We have to play for a few hours, and then wait for the DJ to finish before breaking the equipment down, and packing it away.

So Eddie73's very correct, it's an extremely long night for most bands, and far from the 2/3 hours people think it is. I reckon we end up working about 7-8 hours for an average wedding, and that's not including travelling time.

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Day-wanna-wonga said:
I used "The Best Men" - these guys are all professional jazz musicians, so their wedding music is tight as f*ck. Playing wedding songs is easy for these guys - I'd put them up against any wedding band in the country for musicianship, as they're professionally trained, and make a fulltime living out of playing. €1200. http://www.thebestmen.net/

Then Digital DJs for €420. http://www.digitaldjs.ie/

We had The Best Men as well, they were brilliant.

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We had Santoria at our wedding. I cannot recommend them enough. They came in before the meal and set up - so we weren't disturbed while eating.
Their booking process was prompt and professional.

And most importantly of all!!! They were fabulous - everyone loved them and we got loads of queries after the wedding from other people who would like to book them again.

They play around town a lot - so you can pop by and see them belt out the tunes! They are a band that I would pay to see - very polished.


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If you are looking for a very good reliable not charging a fortune "DJ" for your wedding who is set up and ready to go the second the band finish try this company. I know he's a good friend but I can put my hand on my heart and say he's one of the good guys. His company is called Nationwide Dj's. His new website has just launched all the information is there... http://www.nationwidedjs.ie

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Busy Fingers in Longford area are very good and popular - I have just been told they are booked out til 2010, not sure though!

whiskey river band were good too

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This is our one pimping post!

We are The Real Deal Band, (formerly of The Jury Band) the fully live, high energy band of Leinster, but will travel nationwide. We play a wide and varied set in excess of 200 songs and growing weekly, ranging from current pop rock chart hits right back to classic 50’s rock’n’roll. We adjust our repertoire to suit the venue or audience, depending on what the occasion demands. We also offer a professional DJ as part of our service to start immidiately after the band finishes. You could do worse than check us out. Thanks, Ger. http://www.gumtree.ie/dublin/94/20202194.html

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The Sopranos Band is great - They are based in Drogheda but do travel. They played at a charity event I went to last year and are playing The wedding Ball in March.

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has anyone seen the band Trixx play they are kildare based...thinking of booking them for my wedding

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Hi wedding thread and music maestros....has anyone heard the following bands based in the west? Would ye recommend them?

Deja Vu

Thanks a mil!

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Person i know used to be in a wedding band and is now going solo. He is doing the whole sinatra/swing tunes thing and it looks the part (dresses the part and has the equipment) I have posted a link below to his website which also provides samples clips that he recorded a couple of months ago in the recording studio.


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Check out Harlequin at (http://www.myspace.com/harlequinpartyband).

Great energy and professionalism. Are very experienced and are well known around the country. Are at the top on their field and come highy recommended.

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This is Great - Freeads for Bands.............!

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On that musical note. Is there any requirement for single vocalists singing with cd rather than real musicians? I'm thinking more of a church ceremony and some romantic songs while guests wait for the groom and bride rather than wedding party, but still some soul and romantic evergreens to brighten up the ceremony.

I mean I don't know if this is considered of bad taste in Ireland? it definitely does your pocket good if there is only one person to be paid rather than group of musicians?

I don't even know how much such person would charge...

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I'm looking for a wedding band that will do a good mix of 70's, 80's and 90's music, popular rock & roll not country and western, good quality covers and clear sound that can cater for a smaller crowd in the Roscommon/Sligo/Leitrim area. Looking at the first friday in October this year

Any suggestions welcome.

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@ 250882 check this site http://www.weddingbandlist.com lots of bands and DJs that you can search by county.

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