Kintarō Hattori Registered User

Did anyone ever join the lego club when they were younger? I remember being really impressed by it as a kid because they sent you out an impressive birthday and christmas card every year, as well as a letter from the owner of the company, along with a magazine and various stickers and patches. There was more too, but it's been so long I can't remember.
It was free too, and I remember they kept sending me stuff for years and years, but then they stopped, probably 'cause I had never replied to anything or actually bought anything.

But I remember being dead impressed with it all.

Shiminay Moderator

My brother and I were members, there was a badge that I wore on my school uniform for ages. We're talking 20 years ago now though, I cannae remember all of it, but like yourself, I was amazed by the coolness of it all.

Sleepy Registered User

Yep, I was a fully signed up member of the Lego Club.

legologic Registered User

moi aussi!

One of the biggest indulgences of my young life. Took me weeks to save me pocket money and then my parents paid half. It was all worth it!

sioda Registered User

Still have the badge somewhere was a great idea though

Gordon Administrator

Me too, loved it!

TechnoRich Registered User

Hello, I'm new here, but this thread caught my eye.

I was a member of the Lego club too. I treasured my little square badge and enjoyed reading the news letters etc. And the stickers - what is it about stickers when you're a kid?

My room was a Lego temple ! Town, Trains, Castle, Space - It was all good. I'm glad kids today can still enjoy it.

Bye for now, Rich

Mrs. MacGyver Registered User

Me too loved it! i was in a fancy paper / sticker collecting phase in he 80's (primary school) so i was well pleased!!

bennyx_o Registered User

Yep, sure was. Was brilliant.

jrey1981 Banned

I was for a couple of years too, I used to look forward to receiving letters and stuff from them.

Stepherunie Registered User

I was in it for years and years - had all the badges and two of the jumpers and everything.

Was still a member when i went to Legoland Windsor for my birthday and got a present frm them and everything - those were good times.

Figment Registered User

Loved it. Ultimate dream was to get to Lego land.

Nuttzz Registered User

you used to be able to buy the new products before they came to the shops, my friend was a member, my miserable arsed parents wouldnt let me join!

Dregon Registered User

i was a member of the lego technic club when i was younger I got magazines, i still have the membership card in my wallet and i still have the t-shirt

davemc06 Registered User

I sure was. Yet no cards ever arrived!
Oh lego! I still have absolutely loads of it left in my attic.
Nearly every toy I got as a child was lego! Loved the stuff. Collected the stuff for years and years!

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