killswitch Registered User

Anyone remember this cartoon?was released about the same time as Animaniacs (Another great show )

if u don't's a link

Oobie Registered User

Now I'm singing the theme tune:

Do do do do do do do Freakazoid freakazoid!!

I was way too old for that cartoon

killswitch Registered User

no-one is ever too old for cartoons

jobonar Registered User

used to find it annoying but i slowly got hooked! dunno how it happened but i did!!


Only watched it a couple of times, didnt find it that good

the Shades Registered User

It was good but Earthworm Jim was better, even down to the theme tune

killswitch Registered User

id agree with that shades

Retr0gamer Category Moderator

Thought it was excellent. Absolutely bonkers. Really liked the episodes with Boron the alien.

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