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For all the abuse certain Portugese players and other foreign players for diving, i couldnt believe not many mentioned this from our very own err i mean Englands very own wonderboy.

Former England skipper Terry Butcher has condemned Steven Gerrard for diving to win a penalty against Hungary.

Butcher told Five Live Sport: "It was never a penalty, Steve Gerrard dived," after replays showed Czabo Feher's challenge made no contact.

But former England striker Ian Wright refused to condemn Gerrard, saying: "Other teams will do it against us so why don't we do it?"

A Football Association spokesman said it had no comment to make.

Crystal Palace keeper Gabor Kiraly saved the resulting penalty from Frank Lampard in England's 3-1 win at Old Trafford, but Butcher said: "You can't give a penalty for that.

"Feher came in two-footed to win the ball and Gerrard took it to one side and then went down, there was no contact whatsoever.

"Had there been contact he would have been stretchered off as it was a reckless challenge."

Wright claimed Gerrard's actions were justified, and refused to castigate the England midfielder.

The former England striker said: "Other people do that to us all the time and we say it isn't a penalty.

"It will happen to us again so we should do it."

Should he get an after match red card as has been mentioned here for other players? Should be he banned from the 1st WC games for it? Amazed the bbc carried as usually it never happens as Englsih players are gentleman.

Gotta love Wright when Etoo dived vs Arse in the final he wanted a lynch mob.


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he dived simple as that.but justice was served as the peno was saved.


Well the CL final for me summed up everything thats wrong with the English. Paul Merson talking at half time was going mad at the sending off saying it was a disgrace and it was pre meditated by the ref etc... Then they showed the dive for Arsenals free kick which resulted in the goal and Merson was saying it was a class dive and he did great to win it and fair play to him it was a brilliant decision to go down!!!

Had that been the other way around and it would have been a huge injustice. But everyone goes on about Robben, Drogba, RVN etc... Gerrard is one of the worst in the prem for it.

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Did not see the incident, but it is not hard to believe. It is not the first time he has been caught out doing this. I don't believe that he should miss out on a WC cup game for this, and I don't think it will happen.

What I really cannot understand is that the guy is so talented and does not need to do this. It is a part of his (and others) game that really ruins a player for me.

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anyone got a link?

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Why say it's just England though, I remember Duff diving blatently against Israel last year to get a free on the edge of the box and the guys around me in the pub were clapping it.

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Why say it's just England though, I remember Duff diving blatently against Israel last year to get a free on the edge of the box and the guys around me in the pub were clapping it.
It's not just England. It's throughout the game at both club an international level.


It pissed me off and I ws glad Frankie fluffed the peno. I blame the coaches they must activly encourage players to adopt a "take a dive if in the box and it looks vaguly plausible" attitude. The refs have to be sharper too.

the BBC were almost embarrasingly quiet about it.


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They were condeming it on BBC 5 analysis.

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I watch a helluva lot of Gerrard, and I rarely remember him diving. The one that springs to mind is the CL final, but that was desperate measures and he was being closely challenged.

Diving is not the right thing to do. To dive in a meaningless friendly is pure stupid in my opinion. Every ref will in the WC will know about this now, and as sure as anything there will be at least one incident where Gerrard is genuinely fouled in or around the box, and the decision will not go his way.

Obviously I have no facts to back the following up, but I bet if I could analyse every penalty I've ever seen between good decisions and bad decisions, that the scoring success rate would be a helluva lot higher for those that were good decisions!

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Its a bit 2 faced by him cos he was only mouthing off a few weeks ago about how diving should be kicked out of the game....

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The Rooster
I watch a helluva lot of Gerrard, and I rarely remember him diving.

That Alzihmers is a curse.

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The Muppet
That Alzihmers is a curse.
Alzihmers? It sounds as bad as dyslexia.

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Did anything happen with regards clamping down on diving during the world cup? I.e. directives for referee's to follow? If it takes one of the star players missing the WC final due to a dive, so be it, might filter through the ranks.

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Alzihmers? It sounds as bad as dyslexia.

Good to see the spelling police on the ball. Keep up the good work there Hanibal.

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