tw0nk Registered User

Hi all just got a puncture and brought it to a tyre place to get fixed, the guy there said he couldnt take off one of the wheel nuts cos it was absolutely wrecked....

My question is, how do i go about getting it off , where could i get this done and get the nuts replaced and how much will it cost? i have a ford focus zetec 01 hatch.

Thanks in advance.

mondeoman Registered User

why can't he get the nut off?,is it a damaged locking nut he can't remove or a standard ford one?(19mm).
or is it the threads that are f##ked? also front or rear .

tw0nk Registered User

heya mondeoman, its a standard 19 (back left wheel) but the cap has come off the nut,he thinks someone tried to take it off before with the wrong size brace, so its after becoming "rounded".

mondeoman Registered User

hi m8,
maybe if you could force say an 18mm socket onto the nut in question then try and undo it.or try a few different types of 19mm's like wheelbrace then socket etc.
if you do remove it just bin it and get a new one from fords.
best of luck with it twOnk.

fletch Registered User

Halford sell a locking wheel nut remover that would probably work on a normal nut? Worth a try....
Same thing happened my dad and we had to drill off the but and then smash it with a hammer

Interceptor Registered User

Like mondeoman says, get something to fit as snugly as possible and use an air wrench on it to torque it off. I usually weld short bars onto nuts to get them off and if its an ordinary steel wheel this will do the trick but its not a home job for most folk, the heat from the welding does most of the work.

Avoid any tyre place which lets you leave without sorting this problem for you - its not rocket science.


BRM Registered User


Avoid any tyre place which lets you leave without sorting this problem for you - its not rocket science.


It does seem a bit unprofessional to leave it like that all right.

crosstownk Registered User

If it badly rounded then maybe a hammer and chisel is the only way forward.

Have spare wheel nuts ready.

Hobart Registered User

Do not use a hammer and chisel. You will only damage the bolt mec coming from your wheel hub. Heat the nut, with a gas torch (or get any garage will do it) and use a standard 19mm brace to remove it, or a good vice grip with leverage. With sufficent heat, the nut will expand (inside and out) and will come off easily.

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