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just order it from free delivery

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Ordered from the site

Thanks Velcrow

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no hassle they are cheaper than the,and they have good prices thats where i get all my dog food

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Word of warning about versus ie: you have to do careful price comparison between the two sites when ordering stuff, because I've noticed that any new stuff they add is now the same price in Sterling as in Euro, so you could end up paying more. Still worth it for some things though!

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My Mam was in Enniskillen last weekend and picked up a small bag (2kg) of James Welbeloved for £7 in Jolleys. I pay €12 in Dublin. It works out at €8.23 a bag. What a bargain!!

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Hi there, the original post was asking about cheap dog food. There are lots of dog foods up North that are a lot cheaper than food down here e.g. Dr John in Newry is only £9.50 for 15kg. I think it is of an equivalent grade to Massbrook. A higher grade food is Autarky, wheat gluten free and a very good quality for the money is only £16.99 for 15kg.
Other brands available include Crystal at £8.49, Richa £8.50 and Wagg at £9.99 for 17kg.
I got a list of dog foods and prices sent to me from Pet Connection in Newry. If you contact them, they will send a list to you too.
I buy in bulk so I go up and collect it myself but they also have an online shop
They deliver for £6.99 for 30kg to anywhere in the South.
It might be worth a try.

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TechnoPool said:
whats the name of the place up in newry that does the food and delivers down south?

anyone know?

Pentconnection found it

there is a place called jolleys and they often do £ for €

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