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Where would the best place to buy a suit in cork city...any suggestions

numorouno Registered User

i would go for morleys or maybe murphys on patrick st.
black tie are a rip imo

StandnDeliver Registered User

roches stores have suits,gentlemens quarters,place next to virgin duno the name
thats all i can remember

Tree Moderator

what's your budget? (men's suits i assume)

gentlemen's quarters and con murphys are the usuals i believe...


Gentleman's Quarters is sweet - they provide seating and a water cooler in case you're dragging your gf along!

damien Registered User

Saville Row bespoke tailors actually recommend Marks and Spencers suits. If you want something that'll last a while and keep its shape then go with Marks or if not go to any of the other rag emporiums for their confirmation suit/court appearance garments, they're all made in the same factories in Thailand anyway.

dudara Administrator

Marks & Spenser if you're on a budget, otherwise Paul Smith or Hugo Boss from BT.

shnaek Registered User

I was all over town looking for suits and in the end I got 2 suits in Quills for €300. One of them was a Remus suit which was €299 before the sale. Worth a look if that sale is still on. They also adjust the pants free of charge.

Mr.75 Registered User

I was back a few weeks ago and saw suits in River Island. Anyone bought a suit from here? I bought shoes, shirts and tops but no experience with their suit range.

DublinWriter Registered User

Where would the best place to buy a suit in cork city...any suggestions

Gawd almighty, does it really take a Dub to tell you?

'Suitable Company' in that Lee-side shopping mall beside the Busarus.

They do quality labels at very cheap prices. I picked up an Armani for 400 lids there a year and a bit ago, and a Boss for 250. Saw the same suits in Dublin for 1000 and 600 respectively in Alias Tom and Brown Thomas.

When I'm suit hunting in Dublin, I'd normally go to their Grafton St. shop first before hitting the usual outlets, as they tend to get a lot of designer labels in in from time to time at knock down prices.

Mr.75 Registered User

Going on the mention of Hugo Boss I checked out hugoboss.com and have to say I fancy the O'Gehry/Tower suit. Well smart. Anyone got an idea on the prices? Watching Sopranos leads me to believe they are expensive, but then again that show is all make believe.

DublinWriter Registered User

Watching Sopranos leads me to believe they are expensive, but then again that show is all make believe.

Not really, Boss are the 'Ford Mondeo' of the corporate suit-world. They aren't all that special.

You can pick up an average Boss suit for about €300 to €600 from most places. The sticting and fabric are only so-so.

I doubt Tony Soprando would be buying Boss, I think he'd have to go bespoke with that big Italian ass of his!

I used to like Paul Smith a lot before he outsourced the tailoring to Spain about 5 years ago. His stuff always used had a very original quirky English touch, like having five buttons on the cuffs, or a map of London as the inner lining on some of the suits. But the quality has gone really downhill and he seems to be pushing the brand into perfume and wallets recently.

I still find Armani to be the best in terms of off-the-peg tailoring. You can pick a Armani suit up for about €400 to €900. The cut and fabric are always superior.

Any more than €800?, go bespoke, there are only about two bespoke houses left in Ireland right now.

iceman_2001_ie Registered User

I agree with DublinWriter, if you have a larger budget, you should invest in a bespoke suit. However, be willing to wait upto a month for the suit (less time if you are willing to pay more).

In Cork, there are a number of tailors who will make three piece suits. While, I don't have much information about them, I do know that Moynihan on Parliment street will do a good job. He is the tailor responsible for the officers' uniforms that are ordered from Collins Barracks.

I am aware of one other tailor in the city centre, but don't know his name. If you stand in front of Morley's, next to Virgin, and look up, you will see the sign for his shop in one of the windows. I can't vouch for his work though as I have never seen the results.

Mind you, tailors are all very well if you have the necessary money and time.

If this isn't convienient or financially viable, I would have to go with Marks and Spensers. I purchased a suit there three years ago, and it has stood up to nights out, numerous job interviews and weddings. I was very pleased with the product, and will buy another one of their suits.

One question to DublinWriter, who are the "bespoke houses" you made reference to?

DublinWriter Registered User

One question to DublinWriter, who are the "bespoke houses" you made reference to?

I only know of two in Dublin - Louis Copeland's and Maurice Abrahams, but I heard there's a new tailors doing really high quality stuff online in Sligo.

scuby Registered User

in cork, drop into Tom Murphy's on patrick st, a few doors up fom burger king. nice suits and will haggle with youover the price

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