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Boyfriend got his tatoo done the other day (a black tribal one) they covered it in cling film afterwards woke up next morning to find the duvet was covered in ink and all over his arm is there any way of stopping this happening again as staying in friends place tonight???

Also have been putting savlon on it is that ok to do?

Advice needed please!!!

Thanks All

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Tis normal just get him to wash it gentlely today and should be fine and don't use savlon at all on it as it'll get all the colour to scab out.

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This is totally normal, at least it's not like waking up in a pool of blood when you get a piercing done.......

<edit> and like emmet said, dont use Savlon, use Bepanthen or E45, also no vaseline.

Psychic Lady Registered User

We put savlon on it this morning and it is now gone all sweaty with the clingfilm on it and the ink running!!!

How long does it stay sore for, i got a tattoo done years ago but can't remember what its like?

When does the ink stop running?

Blub2k4 Registered User

Psychic Lady
When does the ink stop running?

once it goes from being an open sore to having a scab on it, putting savlon on it wont help, it will irritate it and possibly cause the tat to heal badly, stop and switch to a nappy rash cream

Scramble Registered User

To the original poster- don't panic just yet.

What ended up on your sheets is not ink running straight out of the tattoo. The clingfilm your artist put over the tattoo will cause a little sweating underneath, and this mixes with albumen and excess ink released from the tatto. Don't worry, its natural. This continues for a little while when the clingfilm comes off, and that's why a lot of people either cover their tattoo again for the first night, or try to avoid sleeping on the tattoo or wearing anything that is going to stick to it.

OK, there are about a bizillion methods of aftercare, so inevitably you are going to get advice which runs contrary to what your artist has told you to do. There is a school of though which says keeping that tattoo covered beyond the first day is bad, and vice versa. If you're going to reapply a covering then be aware that the tattoo is going to keep sweating and a certain amount of gunk is going to come out of the skin. It doesn't mean you're losing colour from the tattoo.

Aftercare is often made more complicated than it needs to be.

Whether you're reapplying a dressing or not, you need to wash the tattoo gently with hot water and mild soap a few times a day. This is almost an adequate aftercare for the first few days in its own right. But people fixate on what lotion to put on, what moisturiser and when etc. ad nauseum. Pat dry with a clean towel.

If you're using Savlon, then that's fine. I've used it and thousands of other people do. Don't second guess yourself and change. None of its ingredients should cause discoloration (its the ones with lanolin which are more likely to do that). The only problem with savlon is that it tends to dry the skin out, and I find that two days of it is enough, and then I move on to a frangrance-free mosituriser. Whatever you apply, be aware that if your hands aren't clean then whatever you are spreading on the tattoo actually becomes a vehicle for spreading possible infection. So wash your hands.

Apart from keeping the thing clean by washing with soap and water, there are general pointers you're probably already familliar with. Wear something cotton that is easy on the tattoo. Don't pick at it. Don't soak it in water by getting in a bath, or sticking it under a shower with a lot of pressure. Don't exercise heavily or you'll sweat a lot and achieve the same effect. Equally, don't over-moisturise or you'll achieve the same thing, and put on enough and you'll create a barrier against the air and clog pores, which could cause infection and inhibit healing. Keep moisturising for up to two yeeks. Keep it out of the sun for the first two weeks, and even after that with any tattoo you need sunblock to prevent fading.

So once again, don't panic. Your body is good at healing. The only thing I'd seriously worry about is any sign of infection. Worst case scenario, go in to your tattooist and get him or her to take a look. Ultimately if there is a problem then you'll be going back asking them for a touch-up, so might as well keep them in the loop.

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The only problem with savlon is that it tends to dry the skin out, and I find that two days of it is enough, and then I move on to a frangrance-free mosituriser.

and here's me thinking that drying out the tattoo is a bad thing, my bad

amazingemmet Registered User

Savlon is absolutely terrible for healing tatts, i've got the ones in need of a touch up to prove it and last week someone came over to my tattooist saying all the colour had come out of his tattoo guess what he was using savlon, avoid any anti septic creams when healing tatts.

Scramble Registered User

Over time, I don't think there's a single product or approach to aftercare that I haven't heard someone slate.

I've used savlon in the past on a half-sleeve, and it healed perfectly. There's nothing in its makeup which should cause discoloration (in comparison with, say, preparation H). Yes, it can dry out your skin a little, but not to the point where it isn't a suitable product to use on balance. Its still a staple recommendation of a lot of stuidos.

At the moment I'd be more likely to use Bep or a purpose-designed product like Tatto-Goo or an equivalent, but there's no need for the person who started this thread to freak-out and start worrying they need to switch products.

Blub2k4 Registered User

ok agreed it's not like they should freak out but they are asking what's the best way and savlon aint it, switching to bepanthen can only help, the only problem I've noticed is when I used nivea under advice of the artist and ended up with blocked pores...I stick to Bepanthen now, blocked pores aint nice and I end up with picked tats and patchy lines as a result

Psychic Lady Registered User

Thanks a million for all the advice really appreciate it!

I went to a pharmacy at the weekend and got a herbal moisturiser called cataluda or something to that effect has been working brilliantly so far he has been letting as much air as possible get to it so hopefully it should go well!

The joys of it!

amazingemmet Registered User

You gotta post a pic now when it heals.

Psychic Lady Registered User

Will do Emmet!

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I have large tribal covering collar bone and most of upper arm, used prep h and took bout two weeks to kop on it crap, suppose on my skin seein as lots of people use it, but after one year it looked 10 years old. tattoo done by zooloo in temple bar dublin and although professional i would not go back, then this year i got redone in snakebite and added to. used bepanthen and looks great and drastically more comfortable during healing, has anyone found better product than this? i have sensitive skin so need to know for next tatt

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