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Has anyone any idea what clearance is required around a multifuel stove. I have a 23"wide by 15"deep opening and want to get one to suit. I have received many different replies to this question from salesmen. Some say none other say up to 10". I would be prepared to line the opening with slate or tiles or something. Would this make a difference?


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Different manufacturers give different specs. If you've got a particular stove in mind, find the manufacturers website and e-mail them for recommended clearance.

The one who said you need no clearance should be taken out and shot.

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As Occidental says most manufacturers quote clearances required for specific stoves. Check out the suppliers on the web as some of these suppliers have direct links to manufacturer websites for installation requirements.

Maybe the comments on 'no' clearance was referring to 'inset' multifuel stoves [http://www.stovesareus.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=21_35] as opposed to stand alone, but i'm not sure what clearance/firewall protection is required for these inset fires as i know generally for other stoves they recommend a minimum of 150mm clearance.

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... to line the opening with slate or tiles or something. Would this make a difference?


I have installed a multifuel stove in an old Victorian fireplace and it has a good 20cm to the sides, about 15 to the back and 40/50cm above. I was led to believe that they are much more efficient if they are out in the open so to speak because then they heat the air all around them rather than just in front. However, of course this makes them more dangerous for pets/children.

I would be interested in finding out if lining the walls to the side and behind of the stove would make a difference to "throwing the heat out" more into the room? I was half thinking of ceramic tiles because of the space shuttle etc but was also thinking that firebricks could work too.


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Thanks for the replies.

The saleman who told me no clearance does indeed need to be shot. It was not for an inset unit. 150mm sounds about right. Reduces my possibilities somewhat (with only a 23" ope) as the smallest I have come across is a unit that is 18" wide.

Looks like I'll have to do more research or else increase the ope size to about 30" (a job I was hoping to avoid).

Thanks again.

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