tom_ass19 Registered User

Hi! I saw a thread in the counter strike forum here in boards. Apartently some college's in Dublin are setting up a college league. Im just wondering would their be anyone interested in making a team. I already have two members including myself. reply if you are interested and we can practice in compsoc....

balkieb2002 Registered User

no practising in compsoc unless i'm playing which i will be!!

lynch_3001 Banned

i'd be interested all in the lib will it? if you want you can email me on the yahoo and we can chat or use my msn and we can go head 2 head cos that works in the college

tom_ass19 Registered User

ya man thats cool. wats ur cs name....mine today was I LIKE CHEESE!!!! usually is TomAss though......ill get you a invite to a lan if you want n would be better there coz compsoc is ****(pc's like)

lynch_3001 Banned

i havent got it with me if you in lib im here now if you want to drop it down so i can install it(LOL) i can go, sorry i didnt think you would have replied so fast!!!

balkieb2002 Registered User

You could have just come to compsoc (in lab a307) ya know, as playing games is prohibited in the libary floor and every1 has cs in compsoc

tom_ass19 Registered User

ya that be ok, balkie you interested. have u ever played 1.6 i wana get xcal on the team coz he's fairly handy, genghiz was sayin aswell that he might join so its lookin good so far.

Iamxavier Registered User

And what about little old me???

tom_ass19 Registered User

haha.....sorry man, do u play 1.6

balkieb2002 Registered User

And what about little old me???

You're not considered as it would take too much effort to drag yurself away from WoW for a few hours

And yeah, tom, of course i used to played cs 1.6, have played most of earlier versions of it.

tom_ass19 Registered User

cool man, i started off with cs 1.4, but bought cs 1.0 of course like......will u be there tonite, might have a few rounds...

balkieb2002 Registered User

Nah man sorry have work at five so tonights a no go, best bet for me is during the week as generally everyones around then too!

tom_ass19 Registered User

ya man, no bother. sure ill be seein u at compsoc anyways...

Dempsey Registered User

Use CSS, its far better

tom_ass19 Registered User


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