larryone Registered User

Anything definite on either venue? Pity about the out of term time restriction, but it's probably for security/insurance reasons, so it
may be harder to get around than you think.
It was easier than I thought. I happened to be acquainted with they guy in room bookings - he said that it would have to be booked as a Netsoc event, and in terms of the out of term thing, he said that the sub acqua club had booked some sort of a training session thing out of term before, so he put it on the form as linux training and open source conference =0)
He'll call me later to let me know which room, I asked for a VGA connection too, and it's down for 14:00 till 18:00 so we have plenty of flexability. We should specify a very definite start time tho, as it'll be easier for people to organise themselves, etc...
I'll post here the minute he calls and let you all know.


Syth Registered User

re: start time

We could make it 1:30 or similar, and meet somewhere outside that's easy to get to. Wait around for half an hour and then head to the room.

jaqian Registered User

Well done larryone, great organising. All we need now is to get definite numbers.

re: start time

We could make it 1:30 or similar, and meet somewhere outside that's easy to get to. Wait around for half an hour and then head to the room.

Anywhere in mind?

larryone Registered User

I said 60 when I was putting in the room booking form.
We can start to publicise it to interested parties when we get confirmation.
Who do we send the word out to? We want to avoid those who might come along, be all high and mighty and arrogant and sh!t.
Should I throw i out to the other universities computing societies?
My contacts in sun?
The guys in the Irish Free Software Organisation?
Should we avoid some of these for the moment?

Blowfish Registered User

we could either meet at the entrance, or in the room itself, there are a few UCD ppl goin, so we can show ppl where exactly it is.

larryone Registered User

10 pieces of paper with "DubLUG meet hosted by Netsoc"
1 roll of sellotape (sitting on my desk right now)
1 permanent marker for drawing arrows on said pieces of paper

If strategically placed, we could either
a) direct anyone interested towards the relevant room
b) see how many people we can make fall into the lake
c) whatever comes to mind at the time

wes Registered User

Okay UCD is a bit out of the way for me, but sure its just a bus ride away. So will be there (assuming I don't forget again....).

larryone Registered User

Keep in mind that the room isnt an absolute definite until yerman calls me back.

If it does get confirmed I'll try to get the mods to sticky an announcement for the meet. It's far too tedious to read through this whole thread to find out what's happening.

If people want to do a little bit of installfesting after the initial meeting, might be an idea for someone to organise getting a plugboard or two and bringing it along. If it is confirmed then we have the place from 2 till 6 so plenry of time.

The idea of gathering half an hour early somewhere obvious like beside the lake or somewhere might be good. I could even go to the bother of taking the map from the ucd website and scribble an arrow on it for those who dont know ucd that well.

Blowfish Registered User

so what room is it then? or does he have 2 get back with that?

larryone Registered User

yea, he has to get back to me with that
If they dont call me by tomorrow I'll go over there again at lunch...

tck Awaiting Email Confirmation

Lads sorry to say, you've taken it from a boards meet and turned it into a netsoc meet.

If you dont want to run into complications down the line, choose a different venue, im sure you can get some place in town like the upstairs of a pub function room - early on a saturday afternoon for nothing. Or even just meet up in the IFI cinema upstairs (which is where the 2600 meets are held once a month).

larryone Registered User

Netsoc just offered to facilitate it. If people want to have it so that the only promotion of the event happens here, than that's cool. Actually I think that's the better option. I certainly dont want to take a event and hi-jack it as a netsoc event. To get a free room we just needed to rubberstamp it. We wont email our members or post it on the website - just keep it all here. If anyone wants to try find a different location that's more suitable for this kind of event I can cancell our room booking at any time.


larryone Registered User

Right, room C110 in arts in UCD at 14:00 Satudray the 25th of March, meet at the lake in UCD 13:30 if you come early. There will be signposts, and possibly some refreshments provided by netsoc.
Apart from rubberstamp and presence at the event, netsoc will not be getting involved in any official way. The nature of the meeting and matters discussed will be at the discression of any individuals present. Long live anarchy =0)
No promotion of the event will be made by netsoc.

If anyone like jaqian wants to try get an announcement of this a sticky, it might be easier for the boardsies to find the relevant information.
X marks the spot.

Syth Registered User

Sign me up. I'll help with the organisation.

I'll send an email to ILUG as well, ILUG members might be interested.

DerMon Registered User

Hi all, I'm new to the boards. I hope to attend the meeting in UCD if I can make it. I see above somebody was fearing it was turning into a netsoc meeting as opposed to a boards meeting (which I think is a legitimate concern). I would say in a similar vein if you/we/whoever are trying to set up a new lug, why invite the ILUG people, I don't understand the reasoning behind that decision.

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