sioda Registered User

Sorry to dig a thread out of the graveyard but great news Limerick has got a proper Mexican restaurant called Los Amigos down next to the Locke has anyone been?? I know it opened in the last few weeks

IrishMike Registered User

Now there is some good news
Ill b visiting soon i have no doubt
Anyone been ????

limerick_man Registered User

Is 'The Mexian' not a proper Mexican restuarant?!?!

cyberspi Registered User

'the mexican' is more like a take away. I thought the new place was on steamboat quay?

motormouthmable Registered User

things are getting mixed up. "the mexican" is a take away/diner type on o'connell street. the new mexican restaurant "los amigos" opened just now between the locke bar and moll darby (i think that "los amigos" place it was a french restaurant before). was walking there and they even have LCD TVs outside in the smoking area! how insane is this?!?!?

elmolesto Registered User

I went to Los Amigos twice since they opened. Its real mexican food ( I know the owners, they brought a chef from Mexico ). The food is delicious but the service can be slow if they are busy.

Elbows Registered User

Los amigos is alright, kinda lost points cos our starter and main course were very similar but thats not really their fault. Their cocktails are AMAZING though, try the mojito!

Nowhere in Limerick is within a street of 'la salsa' in galway though. Cheap, filling and gorgeous

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Hhmmmmm i had forgotten about this.. might have to check it out

sioda Registered User

Well finally got there last nite and what can I tell ya it was Yum. Good varyed menu and even people who arent to familiar with mexican food will find some thing they like.

Bottle of Corona 3.90 cheaper than most pubs in town and the cocktails are good especially the mojito gotta agree with elbows.

Expense wise starters from 6.50 to 10.00 and mains from 13.50 to 23.50 so not too bad at all.

All in all high praise and high recommendations. If going on a weekend definatly book.

Poxyshamrock Registered User

Cool! I Might pop in there after I go ice-skating next week.

Crea Registered User

A friend went last week and the service was very poor. When they complained the waitress at the end of the evening asked them if they would like to try a Mexican drink. Thinking it was on the house they all said yes but the price was added to the bill. She seriously didn't recommend it. The food wasn't good enough to warrant such bad service.

ballinloughan Registered User

Anyone got a phone number for los amigos??

bazz26 Registered User

Anyone got a phone number for los amigos??

Los Amigos - 061 401883

Got it from:

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elmolesto Registered User


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