just heard the sad news today , R.I.P

madrab Hosted Moderator
madrab Hosted Moderator
OMcGovern Registered User

He was a powerful and honourable character in Babylon 5.
May G'Quan bless his name.

OMcGovern Registered User

After a long, long day at work, a bottle of wine, a few cans, and viewing a couple of season 1 B5 episodes, I raised a solemn toast to a dear TV character.
Best wishes to the health of the rest of the crew too!

dloob Registered User

I come accross the B5 forum for the first time to find this.
Very sad G'Kar was my favorite character Andreas played the role with great dignity.

And so many others gone as well

secret_squirrel Registered User

bugger too soon

OMcGovern Registered User

It's hard to believe this is his first anniversary...

Minbari Registered User

Isn’t it amazing how involved we all became with what is usually referred to as a "TV series"? But all of us, who watched "Babylon 5", know that this movie is much more than that - a true intellectually and emotionally powerful masterpiece, full of wisdom and spirit, in which each and every one of us found a unique reflection of himself/herself, and which showed us perspectives we had never thought of… It touched us all so deeply that it simply became a part of us. No other movie could ever do this.

Many B5 characters became good friends to us, and we are all grateful for their wonderful gift to us. We faced the sudden death of two of them, Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs, with shock and disbelief. It was not a death of some unknown people, but of our friends. Andreas and Richard had lived a wonderful life and touched the hearts of millions, and there they will stay as long as these hearts beat…

S.L.F Registered User

I also was very sad to hear of the loss of Andreas, Richard and Tim.

Pride Fighter Registered User

He was Commander Tomolok as well from Star Trek. Sad he's gone

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