Sandals Registered User

no it's very good give it a chance.

rsta Registered User

... it really is gone desperately bad after the fab first season.

but... Gabrielles lawyer ....isnt he so hot...!

county Registered User

cant get into the second series at all,no match on the first series

Wertz Registered User

What the hell? How did Sandals reply to the thread before the OP posted it?

I have no opinion on DH other than that Eva whatshername is to die for.

Sandals Registered User

no that keeps happening now, Boards is messed up lately, I hate it

Eva Langoria rocks my socks,

Well makes them smell bad when I run out of tissue anyway.

Enii Registered User


but... Gabrielles lawyer ....isnt he so hot...!

He was in Judging Amy also...... v. hot!!!!!!!!!!

Skyuser Registered User

It's so crap because we are watching Lost on Monday nights. How can anything follow that?

ixoy Moderator

Second seasons of a new show often appear not to be as good initially. Certainly, I think "Lost" is a lot worse this season (what I've seen of it) and DH seems to be potentially meandering along aimlessly without the nice mystery we had to unravel last year (Wysteria Lane's new neighbours aren't nearly interesting enough).

It still is, however, pretty entertaining and since it's not as grandoise as ABC's other hit show, I'm not as fully invested in it. I can take its fluctuating quality better.

Oh and fans of Gabrielle's new lawyer could check out the short-lived series "Profit" in which he was the main star. It's currently available on DVD.

RobertFoster Registered User

meandering along aimlessly

That's exactly how I feel about it after 13 episodes. There seems to be only 15 in this series. Not great, but easy to look at for an hour.

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