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Got three tatts done in Tattoo Zoo....one by a guy who worked there yrs ago....think Fergal was his name, and two by the owner. The one Fergal did is excellent but faded a lot (not his fault obviously), and of the other two; one is good and the other one is fair......think he rushed it a bit, so it's a tad off, which disappointed me.

Got another one in the Red Dragon yrs ago, n' I sware to **** if I had done it myself it would have been better, even taking into consideration that it's on my back n' all like. The CUT of it. DISGRACEFUL. Place is long gone I think, is it??

Met numerous people since that had ****ing awful pieces done by the same guy. He should have been sued, he was a ****ing disgrace.

Dunno about The Raven, personally speaking, but never heard anything good about it. Ever.

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Lé said:
Oh yeah Red Dragon on Father Mathew Quay (i think? not sure of the name).

I've seen some brutal work come out of there, i know a lot of people that went there just because they tattoo underagers; (one i know of was only 13 at the time).
Awful awful work, the stuff i've seen comes out of there has been faded, scabby, generally really poorly done. They really don't have the best hygiene standards there either.


Lol, just saw your post now right after I had slated that guy. Ya, that pretty much sums up my tattoo, and others I've seen from there. I'd consider violence if I ever met the fella; it really is that bad. Often showed it to people, including other tattooists, n' without me having to say a word, they all knew who had done it. Ridiculous joker, senile ****.

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tattoo zoo, i got all but one in there, by all the guys and have always done an excelent job.

xxx/raoul, not to sure, he didnt do mine to well but others pretty good.

raven, stay away, doesnt use gloves and gropes girls gettin their nipples pierced.

red dragon, stay well away. iv actually seen ppl outside it say dont go in there.

i think iv heard good things about that karen one tho.



Colin, is that you?

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haha, reminds me of the time a friend of mine started a thread about something about him that he didnt like, and i replied that i knew a guy who had the same thing and i thought twas awesome...

on further inspection, it turned out we knew each other, and he was the guy i was talking about

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hey, does anyone know the opening hours of tattoo zoo in cork?? are they open late any night.

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phi3 said:
hey, does anyone know the opening hours of tattoo zoo in cork?? are they open late any night.


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does any one know where maurice who used 2 work in tattoo zoo is workin these dayz??????????????????????????

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metal urges in tralee.
got a myspace and a bebo for the shop floating around aswell.

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Thank u porn star he has 2 be the best ever........got my lip pierced in raven by Brian and my tongue done by Maurice in tattoo zoo.........must say Brian in raven was snappy and ignorant with me when i got my lip done and he was awful to my friend also when she got pierced by him...........Maurice on the other hand was so polite and helps u relax and feel at ease..........i don't care what anyone says customer service and politeness is as important in tattoo shops as any other kind of business

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ive got numerous tattoos and piercings from brian in raven,all of which i have been ecstatic with but just think about this....your running a tattoo and piercing studio and most people who come in seem to always ask "will it hurt?" and waste time freaking out about it.If i personally had to put up with this on a daliy basis,i would crack up!Its not the tattoo artist' job to "calm" you before you get inked or pierced.Whenever i was getting something done,i would spend 20 minutes freaking before i would even sit down but the next few times i was alot calmer and just didn't think about it and then he was actually really nice,i even got a discount!I think he's the best in cork,without a doubt,i wouldn't go anywhere else.

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i've got to say about raven... the guy's an ass, but one of the best tattoos i've ever seen in the flesh was done by him... in fact it was the tattoo that made me want ink myself! fantastic goblin taken from the book of faeries on a chicks back/shoulder.

but yeah, he's an arse and a perv....

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hey guys,
i went to get my tongue pierced with my sister who also got her neck done in raven, he did her neck all wrong he pierced it too low down her neck used the wrong eqp. gave her the wrong size bar and didnt tell her how to take care of it, she went to a piercin place in dublin and they know him for being dodgy and using the wrong stuff and a big fan to minors etc.. and if people from dublin heard about him then he's fairly well known for being ****e!!!she had to take it out and wait for it to heal for 7months , and my tongue is still givin me problems the tip of my tongue hurts alot and i tink the nerves are ****ed too and i was told to take it out. do not go to raven he wasnt even nice...i got a tat in tattoo zoo and they were very nice and id def go back to them again.

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viva_zapata74 said:
I also get very good feedback about RAOUL, the Spanish dude in Cork who works, if I am correct, in XXX studio in Oliver Plunkett Street.

One of my pieces was done by Raoul when he was still working in Metal Urges (When it was in Killarney). While it is a simple piece it came out exactly as I wanted and I can in no way fault his work. (I have also seen bigger pieces done by him during his time here, and they were all fantastic.

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