Bartronilic Registered User

Yes I watch it I think it's good but like Lost season 2 it dragged until episode 6 where it got really good especially the endings (I won't spoil lost season 2 for you but it's just my opinion). What is the deal wth this Betty Applewhite, eveyone think it's a mystery like last time but I think it's just a big plot device that will come to it's head when someone else gets involved.

Peaadina Registered User

Aaaaaah i have already seen all the episodes.
Betty is an interesting character in someways but in others they are just trying to replace the mystery that mary-alice was last season.
I wasnt convinced about her until episode 11+12. Something interesting happens with Bree which might change stuff on the ol 'Lane
I much prefer series 2. But i wish they would do away with the dang annoying voice-over!

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