BadCharlie Registered User

Just wondering how good are Point of View compaired to other brands such as xFX and the likes. It just looks to be cheap, here is the link

If people think its good i will order it later tonight when i get home from me run.

Consider that i will also be Overclocking this card.

HungryJoey Registered User

I have a Point Of View 6800GX. Its perfect. They make some good stuff, They just havn't ever gotten into the high end market. Alot of their cards are based on the same PCB's as Asus cards so they should be pretty decent.

Id say go for it.


Willymuncher Registered User

This makes me sad, sad that I didn't wait 3 weeks longer and spend an extra 14 euro to buy a 7800GS instead of a 6800GS

Btw, I hear Point of View are supposed to be pretty good.

BadCharlie Registered User

Well i orderd it just now. Will c how it works later next week.

will also have to remove my PSU and put one of my better PSU that i have sitting around doing noting. I read that you need a 400watt or better to be safe with this video card. And as all my PCI slots are used up and have 4Hd's in my computer this could be the final straw for my 380watt PSU.

Dcully Moderator

I have a POV 7800GTX and its top class,all the reviews and benchmarks rate it very highly.

BadCharlie Registered User

Well got the card yesterday and put it in and is working at least. The drivers have been giving me a problem i have read other people having the same problem and they also have the same motherboard as my self. so i hope with an update of drivers it will improve the video card.

Anyways out of the box its clocked at 375core " Have it OC to 492 any more and it just dont work ". Ram comes at 1250 " OC this to 1450 cant push it any more due to coolbits limit is 1450 ". Was hoping to get the core higher around the 525 to 530mark but the ram has OC much better then i expected.

At these speeds i should be hitting about 7k in 3dmark 2005 but im only getting 4100. Im putting this down to a driver issue and will try and sort it out over the next week or so fingers crossed.

Fear run at 1280*1024 with everything turned on full i get an average FPS of 30 and max of 76. In game it plays very well.

BF2 have screen settings at 1600*1200 and everything turned on to tha max and game plays very very well with no slow down.

On call of duty with screen settings of 1280*1024 with everyhting turned onto the max it does not play as well. So on one or 2 of the settings i have to put some of the settings back a little.

Dcully Moderator

Hi charlie,the drivers that ship with that card are totally rubbish.
I gained 40% performance switching to latest official nvidia drivers.
Work a treat,i can hit 8k with no overclocking.
I dont bother to overclock at all as theres no game that card cant run full detail.
I cannot recommend enough you make sure you dont use drivers that came with that card.

BadCharlie Registered User

Got the new drivers which did improve things but not enough. So i dl my motherboard drivers have not done that in a long long time. and it improved things big time for me. Getting 6300points in 3dmark 2005 now. Will push for more maybe get close to 7000 points

DemonOfTheFall Registered User

You might want to run a good sweep of driver cleaner and clear out any crap oyu may have. Then reinstall your mobo and gfx drivers.

Wolverine_1999 Registered User

Graphics card manufacturer does not make that much of a difference in performance. Big point is the actual GPU which is on the card (If it is a 7800gs, 7800gt, 6800gt etc..)

For what you pay on for maybe a not so well known manufacturer 7800gs, you could get a top manufacturer with lifetime warranty and 7800gt abroad...

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