Carrigman Registered User

If you've got some good photos they deserve to be enlarged and framed rather than just residing on your PC or on a website. Framing does not have to be expensive. Here is a suggestion: get some A4 size prints (I use - £2.50 a time). Buy some A4 Tesco "Easyframes" for €3.80 a pop and same size double mount matts at Woodies for €4.49 each. The photo does not have to be mounted on the backing board as the metal clips on the Tesco frame will keep it flat. Just use some Sellotape to secure the photo to the matt. You will need to slightly trim the Woodies matts to fit the frame - a Stanley knife will do the job. End result: a very neat looking framed photo for a fraction of the price you would pay in a framing shop. And as the photos are not permanently mounted on the backing board you can change them after a while for the sake of variety. They look great around the house and will show visitors what an absolutely brilliant photographer you are!

Fajitas! Registered User

Nice prices alright!

*thumbs up*

DotOrg Registered User

care to post up a photo of the finished product?

Carrigman Registered User

care to post up a photo of the finished product?

Here's a quick shot of one against a copy of The Irish Times to give a sense of scale.

Shrimp Registered User

That's nice, but is that the frame parting in the bottom right corner, or is it just a light reflection?

Carrigman Registered User

A light reflection only.

rymus Registered User

looks very good indeed

donncha Registered User

Very nice idea! Must get some shots printed to try that out!

Fajitas! Registered User

Very nice actually!

Valentia Registered User

Excellent Idea. Thanks.

elven Registered User

Sorry to bump such an old thread but I was looking for sources of mounts for the people's photography thing and saw this. Where's Woodies? Do they still have these mounts? Does anyone know where else I might purchase such an item?

I'm guessing you'll be busy with your own stuff just now Rymus, or I would be offering a good few pints for your services! (mount cutting, that is, obviously, ahem...)

Or does anyone else have the gear? Usually I'd get stuck in and do it myself, but I don't have €150 for the proper thingamybob just now. Help!

melekalikimaka Moderator

woodies is in sandyford industrial estate, also i saw some nice selection of frames downstairs in roches stores in blackrock. eleven, whens this peeps photography thing on, theres a good few of you going isn't there, wouldnt mind a walk down to have a gander

rymus Registered User

I'd gladly cut mounts for pints... But if you're in Dublin the logistics of the operation may be huge.

/me considers a new sig "Will cut mounts for Pints"

Actually.. the precut stuff is horribly priced. Went shopping for mountboard today, €3.75 for an A1 sheet that I can make 4 12x8 mounts from... or €4.50 for one 12x8 pre-cut mount.

elven Registered User

Rymus, I'm sure the mounts you could post - but I think the pints might spill a bit...

I got an A1 sheet of black mountboard for a macro background from Easons and it was €5 I think. Sucky. Annoyingly, I also have square pictures so I may have to give one of those wee tools a try anyway. I'm fairly experienced at handling card so will give it a shot this weekend. My wedding invitations turned out alright... I may just succeed!

Mele - it's on the weekend of the 26th & 27th August, I'm sharing a spot with Morlar and I think Ali and Shrimp are going to be there too, will be more boardies lurking about though even if they aren't showing. Surely an ideal opportunity for a few beverages afterwards too?

rymus Registered User

wouldnt have minded displaying some stuff at that actually... oh well, always next year.

Err, if you really want me a cut a few mounts for you, send me a pm or something and we can work it out.

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