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I'm looking to find out how to make cheese sauce like the one you get in UCI cinema and other cinemas with nachos.

thanks in advance


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;_; But it's yukky.

I think it's basically melted processed cheese, like easy singles. When I make cheesy nachos I make a roux with butter and flour, add some milk, beer if I have it, cayenne and cheddar. Serve with LOADS of jalapeños!

BuffyBot Administrator

Yup - I would say a block of Galtee melted with some milk in a bowl (via a microwave and stirred frequently, or in a bowl over a pan of water) would be the closest you might come to the rather nasty confection they serve up as "cheese".

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The nachos cheese sauce used in UCI and in Eddie Rockets (for cheese fries) is Casa Fiesta Cheese sauce and comes in a 3kg tin and is only available from a cash and carry (Musgraves/BWG/Stonehouse). It will cost you approx €10 per tin and cannot be frozen so have a crew around and use it up within a few days or hours . Many people have tried and failed to copy it(e.g. bechamel sauce).

It's made in the USA and is specially imported.

Hope this helps Lucifer

Shabadu Registered User

There's no cheese in Bechamel. You mean Mornay. Also, it tastes a hell of a lot better than that shoite. :v:

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Well spotted should be mornay.

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You can get it in jars in lidl or aldi cant remember which and yes it is casa fiesta as far as i can remember or something very similar just heat it up a bit

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