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#16 the North's built heritage section of the Dept. Environment- map viewer/ databases/ industrial heritage its all there archaeological & heritage tours round the Carlingford Lough region.

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lol well this article made me laugh (especially the first line) apparently a lot of people think that Atlantis was actually in Ireland!

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Some more useful links . Excellent for historical background and early manuscripts. The quantity of historical literature which this site makes freely available, is astounding. Most original sources can be read online or downloaded. Thaddeus Breen's site - great links.,591271,743300,0,10 Ordnance Survey of Ireland with the capacity to compare aerial photographs from 2005 and the 6" 1838 ordnance survey and a range in between. Geological survey of Ireland

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Archaeological Survey of Ireland, National Monuments Service, Dept of Heritage - includes descriptive details and map details of sites in the sites and monuments record (SMR). Can download info too.

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Link for Monument Report Form (pdf)


  • check that the site is not already registered
  • sites post 1700 will not currently receive attention
  • Irish Transverse Mercator co-ordinates (preferred) or Irish Grid co-ordinates should be supplied

ASI phone number 01 8883921

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Some remarkable information concerning ice sheet coverage of the British Isles:

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A magnificent new site with well researched descriptions of the folklore surrounding Irish monuments. Some very valuable information indeed.
Well worth a visit anytime.

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Stone artefacts database.

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1658 Down Survey maps, now online.

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slowburner said:
1658 Down Survey maps, now online.

) !

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Archaeological Survey of Ireland publications (thanks Deepsleeper)

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FYI: The phaedrus URL will redirect shortly to the final resting place of the Down Survey, i.e.

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