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Saw this sign just as you leave Cork airport:

Drive on the left
Conduire a droite *
Links Fahren

*yes the French is telling you to drive on the right.

Wish I got a picture.

(Edited for clarity)

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amazingemmet Registered User

Have it at all Irish an english airports methinks, its for the foreign people who'd drive on the right.



The authorites at an Airport are telling tourists driving hire cars to drive on the left?????????????

Shock horror will the madness ever end?


embraer170 Registered User

Maybe I should have made it a bit clearer.

The French sign is telling people to drive on the RIGHT.

Karoma Registered User

I think the OP's problem is with "Conduire a droite "


Droite = right.

That is madness. Clearly the ppl of Cork are not cunning linguists.


robinph Moderator

For some reason I've occasionally seen them on roads in the middle of the country as well, nowhere near any ports or airports. You'd have thought that Monsieur French bloke would have noticed that everyone else was driving on the other side of the road from him after he'd driven a 100k or so and not be needing the signs to remind him?

Dooom Awaiting Email Confirmation

But are they master debators?

ctrl-alt-delete Registered User

maybe roy keane had something to do with it......hoping paddy vieria was going to visit


That signs been there for years.
Theres one on the Arklow by pass and coming up from Rosslare Europort too presumably for the continental drivers.


ah droite

me was wondering as me knew embraer knew these things


Actually they don't have nearly enough such signs. Its the easiest thing in the world to get up of a morning in a foreign land get in your car and pull out onto the road on the wrong side when leaving your hotel/b&b.

All exits from hotels, ports etc should have signs and arrow markings on the tarmac pointing in the correct direction for the left/right side of road. There is'nt always traffic around to remind you.


DMC Registered User

But are they master debators?

Brendan O'Connor is from Cork, so.... yes!

therecklessone Registered User

And I wonder...

Has anyone bothered to tell them?

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