nellieswellies Registered User

Hi Folks,
I wonder if one of you petrol heads can help me. I have a Carrolla with 114K miles on it and its still going strong (touch wood) but in the last couple of weeks its developed a knocking noise coming from the front left when turning or under acceleration (in particular in third gear for some reason).

As time goes by it seems to be getting worse.
I have it off he road now until I get it to a Mechanic after Christmas but I'm just wondering if anybody would have any suggestions or ideas as to what it might be.

ciarsd Registered User

engine mount, cv joint if more a ticking clicking noise, rubber bushings in front suspension, knackered shock - just a couple of possibilities.

useeme Registered User

cv joint

SoBe Registered User

sounds like a cv joint/ball joint issue

nellieswellies Registered User

Thanks folks.

michaelanthony Registered User

A shock.

JohnCleary Registered User

Could be your shock on the way out, or a CV Joint...

Usual suspects with a car that has 110k+ on the clock, no big deal TBH and not too expensive, for either your talking no more than 2 hours labour + the part


me votes for CV joint or worn trackrod balljoint.


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