_Whimsical_ Registered User

I was just looking up next.co.uk as the Irish site nextdirectory.ie isnt operational atm. www.next.co.uk have their January sale list up at www.next.co.uk/sale and there are lots of very decent half price bargains ..one in particular that I really REALLY want. This is a long shot but does anyone know of anywhere in the UK where you could have your online shopping delievered and then forwarded on to Ireland for a relatively small fee? Does such a service exist or is it just very wishful thinking on my part? The site is worth a look for anyone who does have someone in the UK they can have stuff delievered to.

tabatha Registered User

u could always order it from the north and go and collect it?

Endurance Man Registered User

I get all my stuff from the UK delivered in Belfast to one of my dads work colleagues, my dad then just picks it up when he is up there

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