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i was just wondering how people who have done the J1 before have gone about getting jobs over there. did you find it while you were over there, or did you have one in advance.

and if you had it in advance, how did you get the job? i searched google, and found, which seems decent enough. anyone have any experience with them?

also, would you recommend USIT or

Bah Banned

I went on a J1 last summer with USIT - they were fine - I had my embassey interview about 3 weeks after booking, they had all my info online so I could track it myself, their New York office (one woman in a tiny room in a hostel) was helpful when you get really stuck over there. And I've heard alot of bad stories about Sayit and Go4Less (Sayit in particular), although there are some about USIT too (I haven't heard as many, but I'm sure some people have had bad experiences). If I was going again, I'd probabily use USIT. The sponsor organisation they use (CIEE) is very helpful too.

The J1Jobs site is useless. They had the same jobs online all last year, nobody ever relpies to applications and it looks like they have the same ones online this year too.

If you're looking to pre-arrange a job, start googling resorts and lodges, hotels, amusement parks, all the touristy places and ask about applying for a seasonal job for the summer. Include a short cover letter and resume (one page CV, keep it brief, concentrate on work experience) and maybe a reference. A lot of places wont accept e-mail attachments so include them in the body of the e-mail.

If you need any more advice, just ask.

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it depends on where your going, was in San Diego for a while during this summer meeting up with friends who were there for the summer.
They had no problem getting a job, sea world hired the lot of them. But getting an apartment was difficult as the place was over run by irish, who trashed the place so it might be harder to get accommodation this year. Also know some people who whent to NYC and boston who loved it.


Head to a place not frequented by the Irish and you will be fine. I headed to Reno Nevada and found a job in the irish themed casino. Piece of piss, good money and lovely people to work for and the town was not over run with J1 irish looking for jobs.

Kiith Moderator

well, i was thinking of either going to chicago or san francisco. havent decided for sure yet. now im pretty sure that they are popular with irish people, so it might be harder to get a job there. i have extended family in san francisco, so they might be useful in finding a place to stay and a job.


Deffo if you have friends or family it will be easier. San Francisco is one of the hardest places to get a job and a place to stay.

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Im planning on going to San Diego at the summer but would like to sort out a job beforehand. Any advice or ideas?

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THread is five years old, start a new one if you want advice

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