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Hi there!
Was wondering if anybody knew where I could buy a reasonably priced bean bag in Dublin. I'm thinking of something similar to the giant 'buddha bags' except I'm not willing to spend between 300 and 600 for it!!!

Moonbeam Moderator

Blackrock market

MorningStar Registered User

I think they sell them in Atlantic too but they may only be kids ones.

Ebay do them and there is a range Called "Fatboy" which are comparable to the Buddah bags but that is in all ways including price.

On the other side of things I have had bean bag furniture and other Lounge furniture and have some experience with them.

If there is not way to get the filling out the bag is probably not going to last.
If there is a way to get the filling out but it is all loose this is better but still not great. Ideal is when the fillere can be removed completely in it's own zipped bag inside. Just for cleaning and refilling (the beads get flat). Bean bags are not comfortable for most adults and impossible to get out of drunk. Generally they are like inflatable furniture

If you want a cheaper solution for the same purpose. Find a place the does reupholstery and get them to cut high density foam to a shape and the then cover with fabric. Cheap and cheerful.

Beanbags aren't cheap anymore

I have a spare chair a bit like these if it the retro look you are after.

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yeah Blackrock market on a Sat or Sun do them from about 80 Euro I think

Raam Registered User

as someone mentioned... the Blackrock Market.
I got a large one for 70 quid there, it's a corduroy material. Have it about 2 years and it's worn very well, although it hasn't had high usage. The leather ones might be more expensive. Had to carry it down the street to the car on my head. I looked like an 8 foot mushroom.

They are pretty big, but probably aint up to the size of these 'buddha bags', as you call them.

lilliputprinces Registered User

Thanks peops - who'd have thought bean bas were so bloody expensive. gonna go with the lady in Blackrock methinks... although she quoted me 140 for a large cuorduroy one???

lilliputprinces Registered User

I have a spare chair a bit like these if it the retro look you are after.
are you selling that retro chair?

Raam Registered User

...although she quoted me 140 for a large cuorduroy one???

hmm, either she has bigger ones in stock, or the price has shot up!
I'm 6'3" and it just about "fits" me, so it's big, but not huge.

MorningStar Registered User

I have a spare chair a bit like these if it the retro look you are after.

are you selling that retro chair?

If you are interested PM me it is not the same as the picture but close. The chair I have is a Perri Paulin chair made by Artform. I am sure you would get a picture. PM if you are interesed. I'll have to see what I paid for it a charge you cost I only wanted 2 but could only get 4 together. Ideal for sitting infront of games console.
My chairs are rust brown and don't have the hole bit. THe fabric in this picture is a newly made cover that doesn't fit very well.

I love chairs so even if it doesn't suit, I think you will find you can buy more interesting seating for the same price as a bean bag. Ebay really is worth a look

These are my what my kitchen chairs are like but all different colours and two have arms

I like all the modernist and genral 60's furniture and even getting stuff shipped from Europe can be very reaonsobly priced. German shipping is amazingly cheap with shipping to ireland being cheaper than Dublin to Cork.

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You should just buy the material and sow a zip on then buy the can get them in Guineys I think,somewhere on Talbot St anyway
Also on the issue of cord bean bags,the material does stretch slightly and the beans flatten out.You will have to buy more beans from ime to time.My bean bag is going strong even after ten years.Its cord and has stretched a fair bit also its had 3 or 4 top-ups and numerous rips but its bloody comfortable.

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pat conlon said:
If you want something that's awesome quality in fabric and style and great value for money then check out SNIP. These are quite simply the best I have ever seen in bean bags and new to Ireland. They are more like furniture than beanbags but still have same comfort.

these look pretty nice, how much would you be talking for one of these, they look really comfortable.

valz_walsh Registered User

I think Dunnes have a range of bean bags, if thats any help.

filo87 Registered User

Does anybody have a Fatboy beanbag?If so are they worth the price?I'm really tempted to buy one but €200 is a lot for a beanbag.

jonniepster Registered User

Hi.I've just come across this post and noticed a few people looking for a fat boy.
I am moving house and bought one in the Summer. I want to sell it and will accept any reasonable offer. I bought if for €225, so I need around €180.
It is the best looking one, the marimekko, and it is brand spanking new. It is made of a very cool durable material and can be used out side.

Here is the web link for the bag I have for sale.

u2thepale Registered User

Johnnie did you part with the beanbag???????

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