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I am looking for a wine storage cabinet for my dad for Xmas. He likes his red wine and has approx 60 bottles up stairs in a spare room. But the room gets very very cold in the winter and boiling in the summer. So I want somewhere so he can store it at a more consistent temperature!!

I saw one in Harvey Normans from Haier which holds 51 bottles and has a nice silver finish. Its €599 but I was wondering if Haier are a recognised name/brand for these type of things?

Is anyone able to recommend another make/brand or another supplier?



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Eurocave are probably the market leaders and are good, but expensive.
Liebherr are pretty good and about half the price of a Eurocave.

You can get details of Eurocave from febvre
and stockists of Liebherr from

Kitchen Appliances Distributor Ltd.
Cherry Orchard Unit 13
Dublin 10

Tel : 01 626 6798

Also, have a look at this thread

Never heard of Haier.

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Cheers for the reply Cameraman

Eurocave is deffo out of my price range and when I rang KAD they only had a €1200 Liebherr one available!!

But they have a Baumatic one which I'll look into.

The Haier one I was looking at is this one:

Thanx again for the reply!!


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