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I am about to add another very unflatering picture of me to the board (i have told people about my acne breakouts, lack of sex drive and 3 1/2" roots in previous threads). Here goes...

I eat an extreamly healthy diet and (for want of a better word) am very very anal about food. I eat 5 servings at least of fruit a day and about 3-4 of veg every day. I also do not snack on any junk foods during the week (and only a little at weekends). But as a result of the above i have chronic flatulence which really can be unbearable and not to mention embarrasing, and not to mention stomach churningly stinky..

In fairness i try things that i have been recommended to me i.e. Peppermmint Tea, eating my food slower, cooking my veg for longer which i do try but never stick to. I also got a colonic which stopped me farting for a few months but i dontplan on getting one donw again for a few years. Are there any others who suffer with the same problems as me??

I remember being told by a girl i worked with a few years ago that the smelliest place on earth is in a yoga class because of all the vegetarians

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You are eating an awful lot of fruit and veg, what is the rest of your diet like?? How much fibre do you get in, are any of the vegetables fibrous etc????


Is there enough fibre in your diet to ensure that everythign that should be passing out of your system is ? You can get fibre drinks to help with this.
Try eating a slice of burnt toast a day as the carbon can aborb the methane.
If it is particularly bad do talk to your GP about it.

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it could be linked to IBS?

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Enough fibre??? I could sh*t for Ireland with all the fruit i eat. Buts i dont eat any more than is recommened these days, its 8 a day not 5 a day anymore.

But to answer your question i eat a fair bit of fibre and "go" every day sometimes a few times a day. I would eat bran flakes a few times a week and if im eating bread its the healthy brown homemade stuff. I eat a lot of salads with either tuna or an oily fish.

I have been told its just something i have to accept as its what comes with being healthy, but as you were saying Thaedydal if this keeps up i will be saying it to my doctor.

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it could be linked to IBS?

Doubt it, i dont get contipation or the runs like ever. I am regular as the arrow from Tara Street to Maynooth

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If you're eating meat before fruit and vegetables then you might want to try eating the fruit and vegetables first as they pass through your digestive system faster. If you eat meat first, then the fruit vegetables get stuck behind it and since they're inside you for longer than they need to be they start to rot, which leads to giving off gas, which leads to you giving off gas.

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I was diagnosed with Diabetes recently at the tender age of 23. I used to love eating junk food everyday but once i got diagnosed all this had to stop straight away so for the last 2 months i have been eating nothing but fruit & veg i find i have the same problem aswell. One thing i was told to do was eat enough brown bread & high fibre it's helped alot & the flatulance has calmed down a bit so u should have some more brown bread!! Worked for me

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Its nice to know someone else has a similar problem Angels although i do feel for you if its anything like mine.

Im not a massive bread eater as i find it bloats me and i tend to feel a bit uncomfortable after eating it. I was told when i was a teenager that i had an intollerance to yeast by one of those people who do the alergy testing in health food shops. I used to suffer a lot with thrush at the sides of my mouth and my nether regions and they said it was as a result of an alergy to yeast.

Its the gases in veg that make you fart your body is full of gas already so eating something which has gas already in it your obviously gonna have wind i guess.

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Farts are caused by bacteria in your digestive tract breaking down foods which your stomach otherwise cannot. They release methane as a by-product. Basically, eating vegetables, or anything high in fibre, will cause you to fart. There's very little you can do really.

Boots do a "sweet smelling" thing in their detox range. I found them to be fairly effective before. As a healthy eater and a guinnes drinker I've been subject to a similar situation. If you have to fart, at least it helps if they're not smelly.

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Boots do a "sweet smelling" thing in their detox range. I found them to be fairly effective before. As a healthy eater and a guinnes drinker I've been subject to a similar situation. If you have to fart, at least it helps if they're not smelly.

Thanks for thati think i will defo try it out, god i need it im rotten

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Potatoes are high in fibre too. I've generally gone with the notion that if your farts smell you're either unwell, not going often enough or are about to go .

Farting a lot is healthy but I'm not sure about smelly, talk to your doctor or a dietitian. Do you chew your food properly? I'm a recent convert to chewing and it's made quite a difference. Finally can I just say, LOL, just because we're talking about smelly farts.

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The smell is usually caused by small amounts of Hydrogen Sulphide in the Fart. In my experience no particular food appears to be more inclined to produce a foul smell than others. I have had IBS for the last twenty years and this is certainly a factor. I reckon If I could bottle the gas I produce I could run a small power plant. Over the years I have got used to the farting, to the point where I almost wallow in them. However, the wife.. well that's another matter. None-the-less great family fun is to be had with the smellest fart in a crowded small space. The only thing with IBS, apart from the cramps that occasionally come early in the morning is that the stomach bloating is really annoying - trousers that fit one day are too small the next and vice versa. Thus giving all the pain and discomfort IBS has caused me over the years and sad as it may seem, the smelly farts sometimes give me great fun .

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So I said to the doctor "Can you give me anything for the wind?" He gave me a kite. Tommy Cooper.

I'll get me coat.

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Are you eating a lot of citrus fruits? They could be irritating your gut. Fruits like apples, bananas and pineapples(I've heard they aid digestion) would be easier on your stomach than say oranges.

Priobotic yoghurts/supplements may also help.

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