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This may sound like a rather silly question, but how does someone get on a dart team ?

Just find a pub who has a team and go in and say you want to join the team. Or you could always set up your own team in a pub that doesnt already have one.

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Lads our winter league side are entering a team in the summer league I will see how many players we have and if there is room for more players I will give ye a shout on here as soon as I know.

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Forgot to post this a few weeks back regarding the Summer League in Dublin, our team tried to enter a team but were told their was enough teams so were put on standby in case of any withdrawals

No withdrawals!

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Does this league have a website or anything ?

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Rented Mule
Does this league have a website or anything ?

It is like the winter leagues up here top secret!!! The best way for anyone looking to play up here is to meet up at the next tournament in the area, the only one I know of at the moment is the qualifying stages for the Paddy Power Grand Prix which is in City west in early Sept.

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Is the North Dublin league much better than the South Dublin league? A mate of mine plays for the Gallops Pub in Leopardstown on a Monday night, think theres a lower league on the Tuesday. Any cups or competitions between the different leagues or anything

I'm not entirely sure about the difference between the North and South leagues.

However there's a huge jump in class between the Monday and Tuesday night leagues in the Dun Laoghaire Borough League, that's the one I'm guessing your mate is playing in.

In the Monday league there's three teams that are always much better than the rest. The rest then scrap it out.

It's a good standard with some cracking players in the league.

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hi im brian looking to join darts im based in drimnagh ...I practice regulary in the submarine bar in crumlin my number is 0851327834 im 52 yrs old ...looking for a team in the dublin 12 dublin 8 area

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is there anywhere in city centre that has a dart board even??

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Northside Punk said:
pretty sure it still is on a monday and tuesday.
Played for 2 seasons for clonliffe house before breaking my arm.
Think it was in the north city league but the vintners league is still going as well far as i know

The vintners league is no longer a mens league its only womens darts now but darts around the city is still very strong some teams have broke up over the years the one you mentioned been one but a lot of pubs in town that wouldnt have ever had a dart board in the so looked good times have them now so to anyone that throws darts these are the good times

tumbler Registered User

DFX2011 said:
is there anywhere in city centre that has a dart board even??

Alot of pubs around the markets and dorset street area have dart boards down around Amien street around thomas street francis street aswell just try get a hold of some of the summer leagues fixture sheets and it will put you in the picture

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