robinph Moderator

Does anyone know how you can access the wifi in Dublin airport as they seem to have removed the free access now?

On connecting to the network which, which calls itself 'eircom', all you get is a login screen. There is no details on this page that tells you how much it costs or gives you any option of paying them or signing up for the access. I cannot find anything about this from the airports website either.

cgarvey Registered User

I got the same. There are 3 ways to access it, apparently, although one would think they'd have a link on the login page to explain that!

  • As an existing eircom BB customer
  • As an existing eircom customer with no BB
  • With a prepaid account / scratchcard (supposedly available at every hotspot location)

If you are an exisitng customer check out the HotSpot link on .. or more info at

I saw no mention of WiFi, other than eircom advertising on the bin (which mentioned there was WiFi .."surf, not scate", but not how to pay for it, or where to get scratchcards), at the airport, but I didn't ask anyone either.


robinph Moderator

Still not quite sure how you go about getting a connection to their network.

The page seems to just be about eircoms wireless broadband access for 66euro a month + VAT but that then includes hotspot access too.

But I did find some stuff on the site about just access to the hotspots, not linkable though. They say that if you have broadband with eircom then you can subscribe to get access to any of their hotspots for 10euro + VAT a month, or for 25euro + VAT if your not an eircom customer.

It took some searching of their site, but I have finally found the pricing for the non subsctiption access which they claim "is available from reception and comes in the form of a scratchcard":

30 minutes €3.
1 hour. €5.
24 hours. €15.
7 days a week. €30.

Now does anyone know where the "reception" might be in the airport that you can pickup these

Karoma Registered User

*shrug* ask at the information desk in the airport..

dub45 Moderator

I was in the airport on Monday morning and tried my laptop with the wireless (It was the first time I ever used it there so was not sure what to expect) - it picked up the Eircom network no problem and I got a home page which offered me the opportunity to pay for access there and then via laser or credit card - it also mentioned that that you could buy access cards at various outlets in the airport.

Karoma Registered User

Eh.. IIRC..there's no encryption on eircom hotpsot net's..?
Not really the best idea to use your credit card if my memory is right.

Yggr of Asgard Registered User

Scratchcard from a vendor is the safest.

However if you are lucky enough to have access to the BMI Lounge, WiFi is free there. In the Ana Livia lounge you now have to pay.

Reception is good for me in Check-In Area and upper foodcourt area. Had some problems in the long pier (C). Never tested it in the A pier (I don't do Ryanair I or Ryanair II aka AerLingus if I can avoid it).

robinph Moderator

Where are the vendors that sell the scratch cards then, the duty free shops?

The home page that I got in pier A last weekend was just a couple of plain login and password boxes and nothing else.

therecklessone Registered User

Where are the vendors that sell the scratch cards then, the duty free shops?

O'Briens sandwich place in the restaurant.

cgarvey Registered User

O'Briens sandwich place in the restaurant.

Great, though they could have advertised that on all the bin ads they have up there!

I was on a PDA, rather than laptop, if that makes the difference.. but all I got was username/pwd .. no fancy graphics, and no other links.

1huge1 Registered User

is this service availble at shannon & cork airport?
and what speeds are there


Karoma Registered User

No idea about Cark. Shannon: still completely free,and freely accessible AFAIK.

1huge1 Registered User

must try that thanks
any idea what the speeds are though?

Drapper Registered User

must try that thanks
any idea what the speeds are though?


1huge1 Registered User

lol thanks

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