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Ok So if you have stumbled upon this thread it was most likely, out of curiosity or boredom rather than to find out more about Mturk,
Why? because it has of yet not caused the huge revolution over here that it soon will,

weeks from now as you board the Luas to Harcourt st., your senses will be bombarded by it,

You will hear the nerdy Ty'ers on their way to town shouting phrases like;

Turking (v.)
Pronunciation Key (tûrk'ng)

1. The act of clicking on pictures on The Mechanical Turk, completing small tasks for tiny monetary compensation.

Turker (n.)
Pronunciation Key (tûrk'er)

1. One who turks. See above entry.

[taken from wiki]

The Amazon Mechanical Turk (MechTurk) is a web service by that enables computer programs to co-ordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks which computers are unable to do. "Requesters", the human beings that write these programs, are able to pose tasks known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks), such as choosing the best among several photographs of a storefront or writing product descriptions; "Providers" can then browse among existing tasks and complete them for a monetary payment set by the requester. To place HITs, the requesting programs use an open Application Programming Interface. As of November 15, 2005, Amazon Mechanical Turk generally pays $0.03 per HIT.

Requesters can ask that providers fulfill Qualifications before engaging a task, and they can set up a test in order to verify this. They can also accept or reject the result sent by the provider, which reflects on the provider's reputation. Currently, a requester has to have a U.S. address, but providers can be anywhere in the world. Payments for completing tasks can be redeemed on or be later transferred to a U.S. bank account of the provider.

The name Mechanical Turk comes from a certain chess-playing automaton of the 18th century, which toured Europe beating the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin, but turned out not to really be an automaton at all: a chess master hid in a special compartment controlling its operations. Likewise, the Mechanical Turk web service allows the machines of today to perform tasks they aren't yet suited for without having human help.

The service was launched on November 2, 2005, and is currently in its beta stage of development

The MechTurk is comparable in some respects to the Google Answers service offered by; however, the mechanical Turk is a more general service that can potentially help distribute any kind of work tasks all over the world. The Collaborative Human Interpreter by Philipp Lenssen also suggested using distributed human intelligence to help computer programs perform tasks that computers cannot do well. The MechTurk could be used as the execution engine for the CHI.

Several other computer systems and algorithms use distributed human intelligence, although not in such a general way as the MechTurk or the CHI. Google's PageRank algorithm obtains relevance data for web pages from the web links placed by humans everywhere. The ESP game gets people to collaborate in labeling images. The set of computer systems of an organization could be said to use humans to perform tasks the computers cannot do, although of course this is usually put the other way around.

It may sound too good to be true for most users, so I will not rage about it any longer and let the decision up to you.


comp/tech tbh

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Unfortunately the A9ers are down lately due to a bot,

If anyone needs a script for the music on elet me know.

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looks really interesting.

Sparky_S: not comp/tech tbh.

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Not AH either though Cult. I'm going to move this into Humanities. I can't really think of a better place for it at the moment.



Sparky_S: not comp/tech tbh.

Ah well

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Hmm could someone paraphrase?

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What do you mean?

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Got lost in the third last paragraph, i dont really understand the implications of this. It is possible that i'm just stupid though

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This might help you, (It's Geek-Free)
[taken from some blog]
Earlier this month I discovered Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program [via]. In order to keep this post as geek free as possible, I’ll try and explain what purpose Amazon’s mTurk program serves. offers a huge selection of services ranging from the sale of household / personal goods to local mapping services which provide street level images of your final destination. Wondering what I’m referring to? Check out A9 Maps. A9 provides users with 360 degree views of your local supermarket or retail store. As the database increases, the street level views will most likley include your own front door.

So how does Amazon procure these images? Simple. Employees - armed with GPS enabled laptops and digital cameras - navigate your local streets snapping images as they go. While the actual process of capturing images is easy enough, sorting the images proves to be a little more of a challenge.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program allows the average internet user to register and sort through images identifying respective businesses. Recently, I’ve noticed that mTurk now includes CD album cover identifying. Each accepted submittal will earn you $0.02 to $0.03 per click. Not much right? I’m pretty sure we can trust Amazon to payout for clicks [bank transfer or Amazon gift certificate]. My initial goal was to collect enough to purchase a pack of Haribo gummi bears. That was two weeks ago.

Register and click away if you have some time on your hands. There is a handy GreaseMonkey script here which will auto-accept HITs.

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They have just release Music hits worth 3 cents - party on.

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there are some A9's available noe if your quick.

Any ideas on what Amazon get from the music ones?

Dades Would you like to know more?

They have just release Music hits worth 3 cents - party on.
Have given it a go on Amazon with the music.

It's odd - they pretty much give you the artist title. Is it confirmation they want? Curious.

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yeah its weird alright if you search for grease monkey scripts;
you can get one to automaticaly accepth the hit
another one to display the band names as links that you only have to click.

Make sure to read the rules about answering right,

Also if u are ever up early around 7-10 the A9s are available as the Americans are asleep and they are worth 3 cent each and the money comes through imideately they are way better,
if u see one available but it has less than 250 hits don't bother with it

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What's this doing in humanities?

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