Just wondering if anyone could confirm something for me. I have the Mitsubishi DVD model no. 48 player from PowerCity. It's advertised as a MultiRegion player however, on the rear panel has the globe symbol with "2" in the middle, usually indicating the player is Region 2 only. I want to order in some Region 1 DVDs off CDWOW however, so was just wondering if anyone could confirm whether or not the DB48 will actually play all region discs.

Any replies/info greatly appreciated

johnnyrotten Registered User

DO a search on Google. you can normally find unlocking codes for most DVD's


I have done so, but all unlocking sites either don't have it listed or report it as region free out of the box. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I'm not convinced that the DVD player is region free. It won't accept DVD+RW DVDs either, so I can't even burn a Region 1 DVD and test it that way...

byte Registered User

Just buy one R1 disc and find out. That way you won't lose out too much, and the PC will play the R1 disc anyway (with the right software). The fact it doesn't play +RW's isn't relevant.

kman Registered User

I have one, or had, gave it to my parents, and it is multiregion, despite the R2 logo, no modding required.

mikelongford Registered User

probably a bit late replying to this but ive just joined up today!
i have a bd48dvd and have played dvds bought in usa on it and a few months ago my granddaughter played a dvd she got from rte (some rte kids show).
the usa bought ones were marked with the globe symbol with a 1 in it,
the rte one just says DVD 1 on it (no globe symbol showing)
hope thats of some help.
Now i got a question for you guys
yesterday i stuck a dvd in and got the "loading" message up on the tv screen - followed by "no disc" - this continues no matter whether i turn off everything, remove and replace the dvd. i bought one of those dvd lens cleaning kit ( the dvd with the brushes on it) - stuck it in and once again got the "loading" followed by the "no disc" message - ie it seems to me to be banjaxed - anyone got any ideas on this? who is the main dealer for these things? - i got this in the esb a couple of years ago but of course theyre gone now so cant return it to them and the handbook doesnt give any local black diamond repair agencies
Any help would be appreciated folks- any answers can be sent to me at
longford12@eircom.net if you like
tks again

byte Registered User

Hard to say, it could be the laser that's banjaxed which would mean the player is a write-off (new player would be cheaper than replacing laser).

Can you hear the sound of the disc spinning when it attempts to load the disc?

mikelongford Registered User

Tks for coming back so quickly will. i can occasionally hear the disc TRYING to spin but its very irregular. it starts then stops and keeps going like that untill it gives up the ghost and says theres no disc in here buddy!! Ive tried a few local firms who all say the same thing - its probably the laser thats faulty and would cost too much to repair - so now im in need of a multi regional player
i heard theres a sanyo version that plays dvd/vcd/cd/cd-r/cd-rw and a few other bits and pieces like mp3/jpeg etc for about seventy/eighty euros - cant go wrong at that price i guess.

Hard to say, it could be the laser that's banjaxed which would mean the player is a write-off (new player would be cheaper than replacing laser).

Can you hear the sound of the disc spinning when it attempts to load the disc?

byte Registered User

Not sure if Sanyo's are multiregion though.

Most Samsung's can be made multiregion with a few button presses on the remote control.

Amazon sell multiregion chipped Sony DVD players, etc. Maybe worth checking them out.

mikelongford Registered User

Hi again byte,
tks for your info re the above bd48dvd player.
i ended up checking out a philips dvp3005/05 in tescos this morning and and also discovered a very easy lay out on how to change it to multi region by going to amazons site.
just before buying it i found it at a tenner cheaper in argos - got it - brought it home and set it up - followed the multi region instructions and have been watching dvds from both sides of the atlantic for most of the day now
so unless it disintegrates inside the next 12 months im a happy bunny
the change over instructions were so simple i was totally amazed - even i could follow them - and thats saying something lol
anyway tks for your info from the other day. all the best for now

Dell-Boy Registered User

Could you give us a link to this valuable information please?

byte Registered User

Region code hack posted by Håkan Hansson, May 13 2005:
I have tried Pepe's hack for DVP 530 and it works fine on my 3005 player too:

Region code hack posted by Pepe, March 25 2004:
- Press "System Menu" key to enter Set Up menu.
- Move to "Preference Page" using arrow keys to the left or to the right.
- Press the following sequence in the remote control: 135566
- A menu indicating "Region Code" will appear.
- Change region using arrow keys to top or down. Region Code = 0 will play all regions.
- Press "System Menu" key to exit Set Up menu.

Try that.

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