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I saw the video for "My Hump" from the Black-eyed Peas last night on telly, and in it, Fergie was wearing a pair of divine shoes. They're purple peep-toe wedges as far as I could see, with a satin purple ribbon on the heel. Utterly delicious and very sexy.

Does anyone know what brand they are, or if there are copies available anywhere?

dudara Administrator

Just found the shoes. The photo doesn't quite do them justice, but they are yummy

They're by a designer called Brian Atwood, and retail at $645 in Saks, so if anyone has seen cheaper versions anywhere, I'd be very interested

*Oul_Doll_Cork* Registered User

I havent see anything like these!!... They are very sexy though!!!
.... What you could do it buy a black pair of peep toe wedges and get a big ribbon and clue it to the back?....

dudara Administrator

I've started to experiment with cutomising my shoes, so that's a really good idea. I'd have to learn to tie the perfect bow though, and that's really hard

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