wailers_irl Registered User

hi all
does anybody know the name of any head shops in Templebar or city centre are?? went llokig today and just got soaked!!i need to prepare for my intergalatic space trip tomorrow......:v:


cannabiz, in behind purple moon records (i think) on Crow st.

or i think on capel st, there's a place called Hemp.

muckwarrior Registered User

Call me stupid but wtf is a head shop?

Mr.Nice Guy Registered User

Call me stupid but wtf is a head shop?

I'm wondering that myself.

tovalee Registered User

i think its one of those shops that smell like stale smoke and incense. lots of velvet posters , beaded curtains and other accessories.

muckwarrior Registered User

Like some sorta hippy place?

Scraggs Registered User


ya learn somethin new everyday!!

Supercell Happy :)

LoL ..tick tock!!

Supercell Happy :)

Darn , was amused till Scraggs became a know it all and posted that !!

Scraggs Registered User

sorry i'm a downer...jus tryin to share the love...

The Real B-man Moderator

Theres one in Temple Bar alright it has one of those weird posters you look at for ages and your suppose to see something

Dave! Moderator

I was told Purple Moon Records, but I can't seem to find it... Crow street isn't very big, is that the one with Eager Beaver and that Sloppy Joe shop on it? There's a place called Purple Haze -- that's not the same place, is it?

Someone take a poxy picture of the place

Pappa Dolla Moderator

Is there any open now?

meganj Registered User

Dublin Head Shop is a must, it's in Temple Bar up one of the side allies, I think the one with the Temple Bar Bar. stays open most nights until 10 as far as I know...

Four-Percent Registered User

Ah shucks, I was all geared up for a good moan about more head shop threads

Yeah there is one on capel street, one on moore street which is good.

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