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Looking for a name of software or anyone got suggestions to go about compressing MP3 files to fit on a phone.A mate got a sony ericsson f500i and he wanted to put a few on it,but all i could get on was a couple of MP3's,they were about 3meg in size.So looking to compress them to smaller size to fit more on phone for him.



Just lower the bit rate. It'll sound like crap, but what do you expect?

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with only 10mb onboard and as far as i can see no ability to use sd/mmc cards (if someone else wants to confirm this/deny it please do) its use as an mp3 player or video player are limited.....errr.....realy limited.

That said as far as compressing mp3's to a smaller size eg for ring tones ive had good results using neros wave editor that comes as part of the nero burning suite. Trim the required mp3 to a 30 second lenght (no network in ireland will allow a phone to ring longer than this) and when saving the file rename it and go into options and select required compression....with my v300 have been using something like 48 kbit 22050hz mono....any better quality was wasted on the phones little speaker. Results are a hell of a lot better than a polyphonic ring tone but nowhere as good as the original mp3.

For just general re-encoding of full mp3 to other qualitys have a search on google.....numerous other utilitys and programs available to do this job for you,


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Use CD-Ex, it's good and it's free.


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